How Do You Track Job Candidates? With Comeet's ATS everything is a click away.

How Do You Track Job Candidates?

 . . . Why Doing It the Right Way Saves Big Money

There are many reasons to carefully track job candidates, but one of the easiest to overlook is that careful candidate tracking saves money. (That’s right . . . it saves money.) If you doubt it, consider these two recent hiring experiences.

The Vanishing Candidate

A company hired a salesperson who turned out to be a non-performer. So a year later, it was time to replace him and hire again. Bob, the head of HR, remembered that one applicant really stood out the last time around, so he went from office to office, asking everyone “Who was that great woman we interviewed last time around . . . the one who didn’t accept our offer?” Nobody remembered exactly, so it was time to start a new job hunt with a clean slate.

Optimizing the Choice of Candidates

The head of HR at one company asked, “Which colleges do our best new hires come from . . . shouldn’t we recruit from those schools?” Because the data about applicants was accessible, she was able to identify the best colleges to recruit from. The result? More efficient hiring attracted more of the right candidates, increased efficiency, boosted profits and saved a lot of money.

Hidden Ways that Efficient Hiring Saves Money

Everybody knows that it costs a lot of money to hire employees. But have you thought about these ways that hiring costs mount up?

  • It costs money to have your HR staff invest hours and hours planning a hiring process
  • It costs money to spend hours interviewing possible job candidates
  • It costs money to check applicants’ references and documentation
  • It costs money to retain under-performing employees, like salespeople who are not making their quotas
  • It costs money to train new employees to bring them up to speed
  • It costs money to sign new employees up for your company health plan and other extras
  • It costs money to employ people who haven’t yet mastered their jobs
  • It costs money to retain under-performing workers until you are ready to fire them
  • It costs money to pay employees for a few weeks of work after you fire them
  • It costs money to run job ads

Using Comeet Cuts All those Costs, and More

Building your hiring efficiency by only 25% or more can have a big impact on your bottom line. Boosting it by 50%, 60% or more by using Comeet’s hiring software is very doable. And the savings will be enormous.

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Are you looking to start your hiring process today? Comeet can help. Check out our plan options to learn more about how we can redefine the way you recruit new talent.

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Barry Lenson

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