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Finally, an ATS that hiring managers 
love to use

Comeet powers recruiting for globally distributed teams who seek to accelerate hiring and engage hiring managers with powerful task automation, easy interview scheduling, and complete pipeline visibility.

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Don’t let the pitfalls of your current hiring process alienate your hiring managers and slow you down.

If your current ATS


Makes it a burden to give feedback

Managers take notes elsewhere (or not at all), leaving you searching for info.


Lacks scheduling capabilities

You have to coordinate interviews manually, leading to delays and lost candidates.


Doesn’t give you full pipeline visibility

Managers are constantly requesting time-consuming updates on candidate status.

You need Comeet.


Comeet fosters collaboration at every stage.


Comeet is the first ATS with features designed to empower hiring managers to be more engaged
in their role in recruiting.

Make it easy for hiring managers to leave feedback

Get timely responses and keep your hiring pipeline moving

Comeet’s intelligent task automation and purpose-built integrations (including Slack) provide hiring managers with a frictionless way to offer timely feedback, without you nudging them along.


Automate interview scheduling

Let candidates schedule interviews on your hiring managers’ calendars

Comeet’s auto-scheduling enables candidates to quickly choose an available interview slot, so you don’t risk losing a top candidate while manually (and slowly) coordinating a meeting. Comeet’s AI Assistant will compose scorecards and interview questions while implementing proven recruiting methodologies, empowering interviewers to consistently conduct successful interviews.


Capture the recruiting data you need

Foster a cross-functional and collaborative hiring process.

Comeet’s pipeline dashboard and recruiting analytics 
suite support transparent hiring practices, giving hiring managers a full picture of the pipeline anytime they
 need it.



The hardest part of a talent person's role is always getting your hiring managers engaged and your talent partners collaborating effectively. We rely on Comeet to ensure that our hiring teams stay aligned, so that we can bring the best talent onboard.

Debby Clement
VP of EMEA Talent, Pax8

With Comeet, I can get a hiring manager involved by just sending them an invite and telling them with confidence “get in there and navigate around.” 95% of the time, hiring managers can figure it out with little-to-no further instruction from me.

Stefanie Pitts
VP of PeopleOps, BridgeHealth

Comeet has an easy platform to learn and train others in the organization. All “partners” in our hiring process can collaborate in the same platform.

Miri Saar
Director of Human Resources, Myers JDC Brookdale

We’re able to customize the processes for each position and each hiring manager. It’s a big achievement that saves us time. For example, one hiring manager prefers to screen resumes on his own without a recruiter screen beforehand. Comeet allows us to set up the workflow that enables him to do that.

Ornit Avinezer
Human Resources Coordinator, Myers JDC Brookdale

I’m the hiring manager from our systems viewpoint. I get the hiring information into the system, I help smooth out processes from start to finish. The workflows I’ve set up in Comeet are front and center, they’re seamless. Everyone’s workflow is consistent.

Julie Harvey
Head of Operations & Talent, GOIN Technology

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