Scale quickly. Meet recruiting KPIs. All with the support of your dedicated customer success manager.
  • Dedicated customer success manager
    Dedicated single point of contact, offering onboarding, recruitment strategy sessions, executive business reviews, and more.
  • Priority support
    Receive priority 1-on-1 phone and video support to resolve issues quickly.
  • Customized integrations
    We make friends fast. Work with vendors we may not be integrated with.
  • Use your own BI tools
    Sync your recruiting data from Comeet to your own BI tool.
  • Security & legal
    Customize security options and legal agreements to meet your company’s unique needs.
  • Build custom apps
    Use Comeet's APIs to develop your own mega-awesome apps.
Dedicated customer success manager & priority support

As an Enterprise customer, you’ll enjoy having a Dedicated Customer Success Manager (DCSM) who is your single point of contact. Your DCSM will work with you to leverage the Comeet platform to best fit your needs and ensure your ongoing success.

  • Executive business reviews
  • Recruiting strategy and execution sessions
  • Phone and video support
  • Faster access to support with a guaranteed 4 Business Hour SLA
The ongoing collaboration with our Dedicated Customer Success Manager (DCSM) is super impactful, enabling us to improve our work processes in a dynamic environment.
Shelley Albeck – Head of Talent Acquisition at
I enjoy helping my Enterprise clients adapt the Comeet platform to meet their needs with our customization features.
Lee-El Lewinsohn Primo – Comeet Customer Success Manager
Build custom apps

Developing your own apps allows you to further automate your hiring processes, integrate tools and enhance the candidate experience to reflect your unique employer brand.

  • Recruiting API – Access your recruiting data such as positions, candidates and hiring steps to build custom logic and apps.
    See API reference
  • Evaluation API –  Automate recruiting services as a step in the hiring workflow. Use it for activities such as assessment tests, background checks, video interviews and e-signatures.
    See API reference
Use your own BI tools

Create your own recruiting analytics reports and dashboard with your own BI tools. With the Enterprise plan, all of your recruiting data is pushed daily to your Amazon S3 bucket in CSV format, making it simple to ingest it to build your own reports.

The types of data and reports include: 

  • Positions
  • Openings
  • Sources
  • Candidates
  • Candidate Steps
  • Referral Bonus
  • Candidate Experience Survey

And more…

Integrate your own vendors

If you’re working with a recruiting or sourcing vendor we’re not integrated with yet, no need to worry.  We can reach out to a variety of vendors including HRIS, job boards, sourcing tools and others to establish integrations. Note that the cooperation of the vendor is required and that there may be an additional cost.

Access our legal team

The Enterprise plan also offers access to our legal team to answer questions or review requests for modifications to terms of service.

Strengthen your data security

Level up your data security with additional tools and configuration options. With the Enterprise plan, you gain more security measures with more comprehensive security settings for managing access and use of the company’s data.

Additional Security features and benefits allow Enterprise plan customers to: 

  • Define IP restrictions for specific company roles
  • Restrict the visibility of candidate resumes within certain notifications and the option to share them
  • Limit visibility of interviews in interviewers’ calendars
  • Define the file extensions that can be uploaded or submitted to the company’s account
  • Customize idle session durations before users are logged out
  • Disable file downloads
  • Prohibit the uploading or submission of files with macros and password-protected ZIP files
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Upgrade to Enterprise
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