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5 Ways an ATS Improves Your External Recruiting Process

5 Ways an ATS Improves Your External Recruiting Process

Hiring staff involves much more than just having a job opening and sourcing for suitable candidates to fill specific roles. While that’s what primarily lies at the core of every recruitment process, many other moving parts are often overlooked, including proper processes, human errors, compliance, and legislation. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) helps maintain and organize all aspects of the recruitment process, giving you better control over your hiring. In this article, we’ll cover 5 ways an ATS Improves your external recruiting process. 

The recruitment industry has benefited significantly from tech innovation. Today, over 75% of recruiters use modern tools and automation programs to streamline their hiring processes. AI has become one of the best ways to eliminate biased decisions while speeding up recruitment.

An ATS acts as the middleman for businesses integrated for the external recruiting process, and allows your company to save money that can be used on other recruiting tools. 

What is an ATS Integration?

ATS integration connects the record system for businesses with their primary system, which the company uses for certain functionalities unavailable in their original systems. Effective hiring processes implement external app integration in their ATS, giving qualified applicants higher expectations from the job.

ATS integration makes the recruitment process faster, smoother, and more transparent. These features make ATS the preferred recruitment process for companies because of its quicker and more efficient processes for finding the right applicant to fill the vacancy.

Here are the 5 Ways an ATS Improves Your External Recruiting Process

ATS helps you improve your recruitment process by managing critical hiring processes like job postings, candidate communication, application screening, and more. The program makes it easier for HR teams to keep track of their candidate data and prevents non-qualified applicants from falling through the cracks.

This segment highlights five critical ways an ATS can improve your external recruiting process:

1.     Peruse Through Hundreds/Thousands of Resumes Faster

While spreadsheets may be useful in helping businesses sift through and manage resumes, they are not as efficient for team collaboration, pose security risks, and ultimately slow the hiring process. For example, suppose you post a vacancy that yields over 200 applications. In that case, it becomes increasingly difficult to sift through all applications and contact each applicant manually, solicit feedback from each candidate, or screen each person individually.

An AI-powered ATS is a more useful option here as it allows recruiters to instantly drag multiple resumes into the system while automatically scanning them and creating a profile for each applicant. Recruiters can then view, evaluate, and manage all applicants from a single dashboard, making the process much faster and more efficient.

ATS centralizes your business’s resume database more efficiently, giving you more control over who to hire based on their qualifications and other attributes.

2.     Track and Monitor Recruitment Success

Measuring your company’s recruitment process takes a lot of work, especially when managing the entire process manually. It becomes even more challenging if your business uses outdated recruiting processes and tools.

ATS allows you to create auto-generated reports within the shortest time from physical reports on your desk. The AI-powered applicant tracking system gives you automated, accurate, and data-driven analytics and reports by comparing your complete data to a more advanced tracking system to improve your hiring process.

3.     Streamline Collaboration Among Recruiters

Recruiters who experience less stress while sourcing new applicants for vacancies have better work-life balance than those who have trouble getting past the vacancy advertisement and filing phase. A proactive team helps maintain excellent customer retention rates while appealing to top talent with the same values. Strong collaboration is valuable for many innovative teams and is also one of the ways an ATS Improves your external recruiting process. 

ATS eliminates communication gaps between recruiters by helping them collaborate on the same platform. ATS integration also makes teams more efficient by freeing up their time for more strategic recruitment processes. Teams from different departments have a more seamless platform to collaborate and pick the most qualified candidate from the applicants.

An effective ATS program promotes teamwork across different departments, allowing recruiters to create and invite teammates from other departments to participate and support the hiring process. Using an AI-powered recruitment program allows teams to collaborate with marketing teams, developers, sales teams, and even teams that work remotely.

4.     Better Candidate Experience

Candidates always only have one chance to impress their recruiters with their resumes. The first impression idea. However, it is the HR team’s responsibility to make the entire process as smooth and efficient as possible.

Recruiting the best-talented candidate for the available position also falls on the organization’s hiring team. Your company must provide an appealing atmosphere that attracts applicants with the exact talents you’re looking for.

Making teamwork an efficient and critical milestone in your hiring process steers all applicants to understand the importance of teamwork in your company. Potential applicants will also be happier when they receive a quick response from you. Here’s where ATS comes into play. Candidates no longer have to wait for several weeks or months for their selection. An immediate response from your HR team will also help solidify your company’s reputation with possible candidates. One of the key ways an ATS improves your external recruiting process is by providing candidates the best experience of your company and culture. 

5.     Create a Stronger Bond with Managers

Several factors are always at play when recruiting, including your connection and bond with the potential candidates on an internal and external level. It becomes an issue if your recruiting team lacks the connection needed to nab the perfect candidate.

ATS provides a centralized platform to communicate and collaborate with managers and other team members. This way, managers don’t have to ask for updates constantly. ATS keeps them in the know, saving you a chunk of time from your already busy schedule.

An AI-powered ATS makes your workflow more productive and easier by allowing your teams and HR to communicate and interact in one central platform. This process involves managers, allocates casts, and oversees the status of each candidate’s pipeline. Teams can also suggest areas of improvement, share feedback, and leave comments on the recruitment process.

Key Takeaways

Improving your company’s recruitment process and creating establishing an incredible candidate experience has never been easier. While the external recruitment process may seem like a daunting task for many companies, ATS provides the right in-depth reports and improved processes to attract and retain high-quality candidates. There are many ways an ATS Improves your external recruiting process, these are just a few to get you thinking. 

Ready to transform your external recruitment process? Comeet helps make your work easier by providing expert advice on using the applicant tracking system (ATS). Get in touch for a free demo.

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