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How to Choose the Best Recruiting Software for Small Businesses

How to Choose the Best Recruiting Software for Small Businesses

The popularity of recruiting software for small businesses has exploded as people have become increasingly aware of the benefits these tools provide.  Commonly referred to as an applicant tracking system or ATS, 78% of recruiters who use this specialized software reported an improvement in the quality of candidates they hired. 

Recruiting software can help small businesses streamline their hiring process. However, with numerous choices in software available, how do you select the one that best serves the needs of your business?  This article will take a closer look at how to go about finding the best recruiting software for a small business and the factors to consider when purchasing this valuable tool. 

What is recruiting software?

Before embarking on the search for the best recruiting software, let’s take a closer look at exactly what recruiting software is and how it can help small business owners with the hiring and onboarding process. 

Recruiting software is a specific category of platforms or other digital tools created to help an organization optimize its hiring process. Usually, it includes features to do the following: 

  • Locate and screen candidates
  • Schedule interviews
  • Conduct interviews
  • Send out job offers

Recruiting software not only automates the entire process, but assists in candidate surveys or placing open position ads. 

Why recruiting software for a small business is crucial 

For small businesses, recruiting software levels the playing field against larger businesses by providing access to the same sophisticated technology and data. In addition, recruiting software optimizes the recruiting process, making it more efficient and effective. 

By automating repetitive tasks and providing access to a wealth of data, recruiting software can help small businesses save time and money while improving their chances of finding the best candidates for open positions. In today’s competitive job market, recruiting software can give small businesses the edge they need to attract top talent.

Types of recruiting software 

There are several options of recruiting software available on the market today. Each package is geared towards specific functions, like: 


When it comes to recruiting top talent, sourcing software can be an invaluable tool. By using advanced search techniques, sourcing software allows you to quickly find, organize, and track candidates who meet your specific criteria. In addition, many sourcing tools offer the ability to contact candidates directly through the platform, which can save you valuable time during the recruiting process.


As any recruiter knows, keeping track of communication with candidates can be a real challenge. With many channels and methods of communication, it can be difficult to know who to contact and when. Candidate engagement tools are a valuable asset for tracking your contacts. By setting up phone calls, interviews, and tests, these tools help recruiters manage communications with candidates and make sure that everyone is on the same page.


Selection tools are designed to help recruiters quickly identify the best candidates from a large pool of applicants. By automating the screening process, selection tools can save hours or even days of work. They work by matching candidates to job requirements and then ranking them based on their qualifications. Selection tools make it easy for recruiters to compare candidates and find the best match for the position. 

Common features in recruiting software

Despite the variety of software packages available to recruiters, they share commonly used features, such as:

  • Tracking systems and conversion tools used to automate tedious processes
  • Conversion tools to assist recruiters by finding data points on specific candidates that can be used to encourage them to apply for openings
  • Heat mapping and website analytics that help recruiters identify common searches by jobseekers
  • Onboarding tools to eliminate time-consuming paperwork and streamline the process

Choosing the best recruiting software

There are many types of recruiting software platforms and software packages available for small businesses. When deciding upon a suitable recruiting software package for your small business, consider the following to help narrow down your choices: 

Challenges you need to overcome in the hiring process

Some businesses start out with the challenge of attracting more candidates. However, they might not be aware that their only pain point is reaching passive workers or lowering turnover rates for new hires. Focus on one thing at a time, especially if you have multiple goals to meet. Completing a hiring process audit can assist you in this process. 

Essential features you can’t do without

Once you have identified your recruiting challenges, you can start focusing on the software features you’ll need to overcome them.  You can try to find tools that seamlessly integrate into your existing platform and data sources. 

You should also look for programs that use a built-in sort-and-filter capability, which can assist you in finding suitable applicants quickly and efficiently. Built-in analytics are also a valuable feature since they can assist you in tracking your process improvements with tangible access to data. 

Budget allowances

While your budget shouldn’t be the deciding factor in your choice, it’s important to stay around your allocated budget. Keeping a budgeted dollar amount in mind will help when making your short-list of suitable programs. 

Key takeaways 

Recruiting software for a small business can help streamline the process of finding and tracking new hires. By automating the recruitment process, you save time and money while ensuring that your system tracks each candidate’s progress through the hiring pipeline. There are many types of recruiting software packages available, so it’s important to find one that fits your needs. Make sure to research different options and compare features before making a decision.

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