Comeet’s Candidate Voice tool automates the process of uncovering what candidates think about your hiring process.
  • Keep the conversation going
    Our friendly chat bot automatically connects with candidates to gather their feedback, whether in English, Russian, Spanish, French, German, or Portuguese.
  • Provide feedback
    Share insights with managers and recruiters to help them deliver a better candidate experience.
  • Improve Glassdoor ratings
    Candidates that show positive sentiment are prompted to submit a Glassdoor review on their experience.
  • Track and demonstrate your impact
    Measure your candidate experience with reports that track your impact across teams, roles, locations and more.
Comeet’s Candidate Voice is excellent! It’s important for anyone who cares about creating a pleasant and respectful candidate experience.
Dori Joseph – Talent Acquisition Specialist at Viber
How It Works
Feedback request

Comeet automatically asks candidates to provide their feedback at the right moment, based on their interview progress and roles they’re evaluated for. Follow-up reminders are sent if needed.

Candidate Q&A bot

A friendly bot delivers a personalized, chat-like experience to the candidate — on desktop and mobile — to gather feedback and deliver it anonymously to the respective hiring team.

Strengthen reputation on glassdoor

Ask candidates who respond to your hiring experience positively to leave a review or rating on Glassdoor.

Go beyond a survey

Candidate Voice goes beyond the traditional surveying methods to gather and connect anonymous feedback with the right people.

  • Anonymous attribution: Feedback is associated with managers and recruiters, while maintaining anonymity.
  • Flexible customization: Survey candidates based on position and types of interviews completed.
  • Triggers to improve response rate: Friendly chat experience and built-in follow-up reminders incentivize candidates to respond.
  • Communications that increase transparency: Requests for feedback are sent from Comeet as a third party so candidates share feedback freely.
Candidate Voice reports

Reports help you understand and then improve your candidate experience.

Rating breakdown – Compare and provide individual feedback by Recruiter, Hiring Manager, Department and Location.

Response feed – Monitor incoming feedback and take immediate action to improve your process.

  • Overall candidate experience
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Interested in company
  • Interviewer preparedness
  • Relevancy of interview questions
  • Interviewer etiquette
  • Scheduling
  • Status updates
  • Motivation
Get Candidate Voice with The Candidate Experience Package
Get Candidate Voice
Starting at $299 / month
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Get Candidate Voice with The Candidate Experience Package
Get Candidate Voice
Starting at $299 / month
Contact me with details
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