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Taxidermist Job Description Template

What Does a Taxidermist Do?

Taxidermists work to preserve and present animals taken by hunters through the removal, disinfection, and presentation of their skin. They make three-dimensional models to achieve the lifelike appearance. They’re often hired by museums or by individuals who want to mount fishing or hunting trophies.

Taxidermist Job Overview

In the taxidermist role, you will model the structure of an animal’s body, mount the preserved skin, and add details such as teeth and eyes. You will ensure that the model is structured in accordance with client expectations. Success in this role will be demonstrated by producing a lifelike model that is well-preserved.

Taxidermist Job Responsibilities and Duties

  • Prepares preservation chemicals for the skin and bones
  • Records measurements of specimens 
  • Removes and preserves animal skin and bones
  • Disinfects skin extracted from specimens
  • Determines client expectations about how the model will be structured and detailed
  • Constructs artificial body parts

Taxidermist Job Requirements

  • Postsecondary training program in Taxidermy
  • National Taxidermists Association certification a plus
  • Proven knowledge in animal anatomy
  • Highly artistic and detail-oriented
  • Knowledgeable of different preparation methods and tools
  • High school diploma or equivalent


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