Updated August 19, 2022

Home Appliance Repairers Salaries

Rochester, New York, US

Average Base Pay


21.72% above national average

Additional Cash Compensation

Average: $45,180

Range: $32,500-$55,230


How much does a Home Appliance Repairers role make in Rochester, New York, US?

Career Ladder Pay for Home Appliance Repairers Roles

A person in an entry-level Home Appliance Repairers role with under one year of job experience can expect to make an average annual salary of $32,500. A Home Appliance Repairers candidate with 1-4 years of experience makes an average total salary of $39,360. A person in a mid-career Home Appliance Repairers role with 5-9 years of experience makes an average salary of $45,180 a year. Home Appliance Repairers with 10 or more years of experience make an average of $50,040. In their late career (over 20 years of experience), a person in a Home Appliance Repairers role’s annual salary averages $55,230 per year.

What is the average Home Appliance Repairers salary in Rochester, New York, US?

Average base salary, as of 2022 : $45,180

Salary Breakdown

  Average base salary (percentile)
Annual salary$11,295$22,590$33,885
Monthly salary$941$1,883$2,824
Weekly salary$235$471$706
Hourly salary$34$67$101

Where can a Home Appliance Repairers role earn more money?


Similar jobs with comparable annual salaries.


Will extra certification for Home Appliance Repairers roles boost salary?

While certifications are not required for every Home Appliance Repairers position, they can certainly increase your salary and lead to an easier recruitment process when applying to enterprises that favor candidates with additional certifications.

Is the Home Appliance Repairers position in high demand?

The current Bureau of Labor Statistics states the salary is $45,180 higher than the national average for Home Appliance Repairers positions.

Is there advancement potential for a Home Appliance Repairers role?

Yes, there is strong potential for promotion — either with an additional educational degree or with continued years of experience. There are a multitude of other positions Home Appliance Repairers roles that can advance both internally and with another company.

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