Elastic Sourcing will deliver qualified candidates directly to your team. We provide you a dedicated contact with a team of expert sourcing professionals who are ready to find you talent.
Get qualified candidates delivered directly to you

With Comeet you can get candidates delivered. Boost your sourcing with our dedicated team of experts supplying you with candidates.


  • Need to source more candidates?
  • Not finding the right fit for a specialized position?
  • Trying to save time sourcing less?
Get the exact candidates you want

Sourcing experts will find your talent based on your exact needs. With our sourcing solution so you can:


  • Grow your candidate pipeline
  • Get talent for a specialized role
  • Discover talent you may be overlooking
Specialized candidate sourcing in the platform you already know and love

Working within the platform you already use means that using services can be easily integrated into your existing process.

  • Expert sourcing support team on demand
  • Top candidates delivered directly to your team within the Comeet platform
  • Custom search for one specialized role, U.S. based growth or sourcing to scale
“All the tools, features, and functionality to bring your teams together and keep them effectively and efficiently connected. Whatever their role, Comeet will help them do it better.”
Karl Mattson – CISO - Elastic Recruiting Client
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