Elastic Recruiting is our on demand recruiting solution. Get recruiting support for specialized roles, high-growth periods or U.S. recruiting help.
Flexible recruiting that meets your actual hiring needs

Spend less time sourcing and qualifying candidates and focus on meeting hiring targets. We know hiring needs fluctuate, so Elastic Recruiting is a flexible solution that provides support only when you need it, but not when you don’t. You can turn services on or off, allowing you to make changes quickly.

  • Scale recruiting up or down as your hiring needs change
  • Candidates are seamlessly delivered in the Comeet platform
  • Recruiters that know your goals and understand your culture without long-term obligations
Custom support that allows you to recruit efficiently

We align with your recruiting goals and help you fill gaps or support your team. Looking to grow in the U.S.? Our team of experts can help you find the talent you need. Specialized role proving difficult to fill?  Let us help, we’re here to help you with your specific challenges.

  • Dedicated sourcing and expert recruiters will save your recruiters and hiring managers time
  • Recruiting support on-demand to meet you wherever you are in your growth cycle
  • A trusted partner knows your culture and aligns with your goals
Comeet can do more for you

Our team can help with strategic planning and management, data and reporting, pre-screening, and more. We align with your goals to fit your actual needs.

  • Top candidates directly to your team
  • Enterprise-level technology supports your hiring
  • Search for one specialized role or an entire department
  • Expert recruiting support on demand
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