The Comeet Ultimate plan helps companies of all sizes gain more automation, insights and remote-friendly team building tools.
  • Level up your reputation
    Improve the candidate and manager experience to build a world-class employer brand.
  • Expand remotely
    Use one-click video interviews to facilitate collaboration and remote interviews.
  • Leverage your existing candidate resume database
    Surface the best and automate your outreach.
  • Build and scale HR processes
    Offer letter approvals, e-signing, and requisition approvals help you get there.
  • Accelerate growth
    Save time and hire faster with workflow automation.
  • Gain insights into hiring
    Make data-informed decisions with reports tailored to your business.
Auto-scheduled interviews

Reach candidates faster, strengthen employer brand and save your hiring team time with Comeet’s Auto-Scheduling tool.

  • Let candidates select the time that works best for them
  • Candidates don’t spend time waiting between interviews
  • Provide candidates clear instructions on what to expect in the interview
  • Candidates can see who they are going to meet
Advanced filters for searching by candidate background

Additional experience, education and competence filters will speed you through screening a large number of new applications or finding past candidates with more specificity than ever.

  • Competence in specific skills and languages, such as “3 years of JavaScript”
  • Education across levels, courses and degrees, such as “B.Sc in Computer Science”
  • Specific experience by position, company, industry and organizational size, such as “Current position is Front-end Developer”
Fully integrated offer approvals and e-signing

After you’ve invested the time to identify the perfect candidate, this is how you approve and make an official offer with style while saving time.

  • Generate offer letters using your company’s templates
  • Automate internal approval
  • Send it to the candidate for easy signing with an electronic signature
One-click video interviewing powered by Zoom

Comeet video interviews (powered by Zoom) enhance your candidate experience with high-quality audio and video interviews. With just a one-click set up, you will easily connect interviewers and candidates when scheduling with Comeet.

Automated requisition approval processes

Automate the internal requisition approval process and collect go-aheads from team members.

  • Customize the offer letter & new opening approval process to make sure that everyone who should approve, does.
  • Team members can approve, reject or comment right from their inbox, creating structure and ease when making a hire.
Integrations with assessment and sourcing apps

Add Comeet partners to your workflow: one-way video interviews, skills assessment, talent networks and text messaging.

  • Spetz: Clever WhatsApp-based bot personalizes candidate communication
  • EasyHire: All-in-one video platform ensures professional job interviews
  • Woo: Connect with passive candidates exploring opportunities
  • Avrio: Re-engage past candidates with conversational AI
  • And more…
Access to best-in-class data with Recruiting Analytics

Comeet’s Recruiting Analytics expands your existing reports suite, unlocking access to 10+ dashboards to manage your hiring plan, analyze your KPIs, have the reports you need for management at hand, and easily manage your recruiting team.

  • KPIs Analysis: Apply to hire, Time to hire, Activity per hire
  • Hiring Plan: Hiring plan for management, Openings approval dashboard
  • Engagement, Performance & Workload: Recruiters performance, Team engagement, Recruiters workload, Team workload
  • Sourcing: Marketing campaigns performance, Referral report, Source quality
  • Diversity EEO
The system is very intuitive. With so many analysis capabilities, it's every hiring manager's dream.
Moshit Tuval – HR Director at Future Meat
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