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Comeet Offer Letters: This Upgrade Saves Recruiters Hours Every Week

Our Offer Approvals and E-Signing functionality manages and automates all of the steps to create, review and approve offers and offer letters, send them to candidates for fast e-signing, and archive everything in the candidate’s record.

Depending on hiring velocity, recruiters like you can save you hours every week. It’s a great reason for customers to upgrade their Comeet subscription. Here’s a summary:

Letter Generation

  • Start by configuring offer templates for your recruiters
  • Over time, you can develop an entire template library for geos, titles and positions, etc.
  • Letters automatically generated using candidate, position and offer details

Internal Approval

  • Streamlines internal approval processes by automatically routing offer drafts to approvers
  • Approvers can approve (or not) offers right in their email—no need to log into Comeet
  • Feedback and affirmatives collected in one place

Access and Permission Security

  • You’ll always see who has access to an offer
  • Updating permissions is quick and simple


  • Automatically send letters for easy e-signing (desktop and mobile) without leaving Comeet
  • All document and signing events captured in audit trail

Start Using Offer Approvals & E-Signing Today

Offer Approvals & E-Signing (and so much more) are available to our Ultimate and Enterprise plan subscribers. Our short Video Tour shows you how it’ll help you close the loop with your first-choice candidates faster.

Learn more by emailing us at

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