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New in Comeet: Weekly Employee Notifications About Their Referrals (And More!)

A formal employee referral program is an easy and proven way to increase the volume of quality candidates. If you’re using Comeet’s Employee Referral Program, you’ve undoubtedly had employees ask you how their referrals are doing. You’ll therefore love the time saved from employee referral status updates.

This new Comeet feature will automatically update employees weekly about the status of their referrals, encouraging—and reminding them—to share and refer more of their friends:

  • Owners and Admins can enable notifications in Referral program settings
  • Candidates are only shown as rejected after notification
  • Updates include recently open positions and referral bonuses
  • Employees can unsubscribe by clicking a link at bottom of update

Learn more here.

Referral Program Reporting

It’s now easier to track and improve the success of your referral program:

  • Referral Bonus Report – from the Export Page, it’s simple to export the list of employees entitled for a bonus to share with Accounting.
  • Referral Program Report – track employee engagement across the company and measure the success of your referral program initiatives.

New Names for Referrer Sources

Based on feedback from customers, we’re making small changes to improve the clarity of referrer sources. These changes will take effect in the next few days:

  • “Referrers” will be changed to”Referrer: Uncompensated”
  • “Referrer – Paid” will be changed to “Referrer: Compensated”
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