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Change the way high-growth tech companies hire to scale.

Comeet Elastic Recruiting is an innovative recruitment solution supported by our startup talent acquisition experts and supported by our award-winning software.

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Join us and be a Talent Acquisition Partner for high-growth tech companies.

Culture at the core

At Comeet, everyone matters. No one is more important or valuable than anyone else.

Every voice is heard.

We believe in Empathy-Driven Recruitment, which means we treat candidates and clients like valuable human beings. The technology that powers our recruitment process facilitates empathy and is shaped by recruiters.

We are a global team of entrepreneurial professionals dedicated to changing the way some of the world’s most innovative companies hire.

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Utilize award-winning proprietary technology that powers the hiring of over 500 companies around the world.

Help build teams for some of the most dynamic high-growth tech and start-up companies, one person, at a time.

Join a team of amazing people who, like you, are passionate about helping people with empathy-driven recruitment, and believe in the power of startups.

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