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Best Ways to Hire Great Employees for Your Organization

Even in times where the job market is flooded with job seekers, hiring top talent can be difficult. Whether you hire for a highly-specialized industry or you’re looking to place the next C-level leader into your organization, the same care and attention to detail are needed. These tips can get you the best potential candidates with a lower cost per hire. 

8 Tips for How to Recruit Employees

Any one of the following strategies can help hiring teams bring better job candidates to the table.

1: Properly define the job before hiring new employees

When is the last time you performed a job analysis for the position you’re filling? Before you write the job description, do a thorough job analysis to document everything expected for the position, including tasks, necessary skills, responsibilities, and measurable goals. Use this information to create a new job description to use throughout the hiring process. 

2: Treat your candidates like customers

Put your best foot forward during every interaction with a candidate. Their opinion of you may determine if they eventually accept the job. Show them hospitality during the interview, be open to questions, and keep interactions short to show respect for their time. 

3: Create compelling job descriptions

Do your job descriptions seem dull? In addition to keeping job descriptions under 1,000 words, they should be clear about expectations and share more about the mission of the company. Work with your marketing teams to create fresh descriptions, if needed.  

4: Utilize job boards

People still overwhelmingly use job boards to look for work because you can check them at their own convenience. These static resources are worth the investment. Find one that’s appropriate for your industry because not all cater to the same demographic. Look for boards that integrate easily with your social media outreach as well. Most of today’s job seekers rely on Facebook and LinkedIn to find the most up-to-date job postings. 

5: Ask the right job interview questions

If there’s ever a time to slow down and listen during the hiring process, it’s with interviews. An interview is one of the key tools you have to get to the truth about why a candidate wants to work for you, how they interact with others, and whether they’ll fit into your existing company culture. To get the most out of the interview, however, you must have the right questions. 

Whether you choose a structured interview or unstructured interview format, prioritize the information you want to get from your time. If the potential hire will work with various departments or need buy-in from multiple C-level leaders, consider how a panel interview may produce better results. There are numerous options for interviews, so pick the one that will most help you discern the suitability of any future employee. 

6: Check backgrounds and references

The best resume in the world means nothing if it’s not sincere. Use background checks to verify that the credentials, skills, and experience a candidate claims are all legitimate. You’ll save yourself time and expense invested in an applicant who is not who they claim to be. The criminal and credit history background portions also help protect you from potential liability if the candidate could end up causing trouble for your company. 

7: Use effective employment letters

A carefully thought-out employment letter template can save time and emotional stress when hiring, rejecting, or welcoming candidates. Since a job search can involve interviewing dozens or even hundreds of people, these customizable letters help keep your hiring process efficient. Let your legal team review them before sending to avoid liability issues. 

8: Include peers in the interview process

No one knows a job better than the person doing it. Ask current employees in a similar or similarly-aligned role what skills or perks a new hire should bring to the position. Their input can bring authenticity to your job description and the entire recruiting process. It can also lay out the expectations and accommodations of the role in a way the new hire can easily understand. 

Have trouble hiring? Consider using Comeet’s Elastic Recruiting

If your typical hiring strategy only gets you lackluster results, it may be time to try out a new way of recruiting with Comeet’s Elastic Recruiting.

What is Elastic Recruiting?

Comeet’s Elastic Recruiting offering takes as much or as little of your recruiting needs and handles it for you. This includes:

  • Sourcing – We’ll identify, contact, and engage only the best candidates
  • Schedule – Get automation for calls and enjoy built-in video interviews
  • Screener – Get screening for both phone and online options
  • Interviewer – Each candidate is assessed by a neutral, third-party assessor for maximum efficiency

The service is truly elastic in that you can scale up or down to meet your current and future hiring needs. Make service level changes at any time.

How does it work, and who should use it?

Elastic Recruiting is a good fit for companies with and without an internal recruiting team. If you need positions filled by quality employees in a hurry, we have the tools to get you there. Choose between full-level service or use the Elastic Recruiting options to support your existing recruiters. Elastic is especially useful during periods of rapid expansion, such as holiday hiring or when opening a new branch. 

Elastic is priced so that you pay lower fees than with Recruitment Processes Outsourcing. You’ll pay a monthly subscription fee, as well as a performance fee when a hire is made through the service. This model ensures you get a great ROI, and you can stop at any time. 

Benefits of Comeet’s elastic recruiting

While the benefits are many, one of the biggest upsides is that it’s a low-risk investment. The 60-day guarantee ensures that if a hire made through Elastic doesn’t work out in the first 60 days of employment, Comeet will refund 100% of the performance fee. You’ll also get access to the award-winning recruiting software that keeps everyone on your team connected and leaves nothing to chance in the hiring process. With Comeet’s applicant tracking system, everyone can be on the same page at every step of the journey. 

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