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Best Interview, Recruiting, and Candidate Management Software in 2020

Harnessing the power of the right software can be a game-changer for your recruiting goals. However, with so many options in the marketplace, it may be challenging to find the one that meets your unique needs. Here is our breakdown of the major categories. We also highlight the best brands in each, such as Comeet’s all-in-one hiring solution, to help you make your top pick in 2020.

Best Recruitment CRMs in 2020

CRMs do their best when used as contact managers, but you can integrate them with your other tools for optimal results.

1: HubSpot

HubSpot has earned its place as a powerful CRM, although mainly among sales and lead generation firms. When used for talent acquisition, however, it shines as both a task management tool and a marketing automation dashboard. It’s ideal for smaller companies that see hiring more as lead conversion and want to spend the money to do so. 

2: Avature

From onboarding to referrals, Avature is a solid pick for those using it for in-house sourcing. It’s poised for larger companies with big budgets and dedicated HR resources that can justify the price and high-volume capabilities. Perks include the ability to manage recruiting events and robust social media campaigns, as well as LinkedIn communications.

3: Talemetry

This recruitment marketing platform lets you mix and match up to five core products to get just the right experience. It pairs with JobVite’s Bias Blocker to help you get a more even hiring experience across diverse groups, too.

4: SmashFly

This AI-powered marketing platform blends the best of CRM, event management, referrals, analytics, and a personalized career site. With resume parsing and easy job posting tools, it’s a favorite among recruiters and hiring managers filling executive-level positions. Expect to need a larger budget for this type of talent acquisition technology.

5: TalentLyft

Get your job out to multiple sites, including free ones, with a single click, then use the visual scorecards to rate candidates as they go through the recruiting lifecycle. You can use the CRM functionality to keep in touch with job seekers and keep them engaged at every step of the recruiting process. It’s worth looking into if you have a set number of jobs to fill each month.

Best Human Capital Management Software in 2020

Human capital management (HCM) tools typically mostly help with talent management, but the following platforms also include some unique onboarding functions.

1: BambooHR

If you value data above anything else, this tool can help you put your people’s more important info into usable formats to streamline future decision making—from hiring to performance review.

2: SAP SuccessFactors

This build-as-you-go platform can offer a little or a lot, depending on what you’re looking for. Expect to spend some time getting to know this scalable HCM. 

3: Namely

If adding payroll and benefits to your HR tech is a goal this year, Namely may be worth looking into. It’s built for mid-sized companies and larger ones that want an all-in-one for compliance, too.

4: ADP WorkforceNow

ADP has earned a reputation for their payroll processing tools, which are available for use within this dashboard. It’s full of integration to match your existing workflows, and ADP Workforce Now is geared to connect everyone with HR roles.

5: OpenTute

Billed as a “social learning network,” OpenTute is a lesser-known option that puts learners, staff, and clients together. If streamlined communication is your number-one aim, this enterprise-level tool is worth a look. 

Best Video Interviewing Tools in 2020

With the COVID-19 pandemic changing the game for interviews, it’s good to know the market has your back with these emerging video-based recruiting tools.

1: ConveyIQ

This company’s offering combines simplified video interview tools with in-demand communication techniques, such as email and text-message scheduling. 

2: HireVue

HireVue’s biggest claim is the ability to use data science to limit bias in hiring, especially at the video interview stage, and offers scalability with diversity in mind.  

3: Spark Hire

With this versatile video tool, you can choose live interviews or asynchronous recorded answers to questions you pick that candidates will film on their own time. 

4: Wepow

Brand your video interviews with Wepow’s white-label options. This tool gives you support in multiple languages and 24/7 support.  

5: VidCruiter

VidCruiter offers unique video possibilities in a larger suite of data-driven hiring tools. It’s used for pre-screening and background check management, as well. 

Best Testing & Assessment Tools in 2020

Get better candidate outcomes with these assessment solutions. 

1: HackerRank

As the name implies, HackerRank is geared toward technical-heavy job descriptions and gives hiring teams a way to test coders and engineers on their real-world abilities. 

2: Pymetrics

One of the few to openly tout gamification practices as part of their testing process, Pymetrics aims to give hiring teams more bias-free and data-driven tools than before.

3: Self Management Group

Forty years of data research drive the decisions behind this set of tools aimed at finding the next leaders. Their POP – Predictor of Potential™ employment assessments and screens are uniquely created to build sales teams, among other hard-to-staff positions. 

Best AI and Automation Tools in 2020

While most of these recruiting software solutions hint at using artificial intelligence (AI), these are making it the core of their business.

1: Ideal

Integrate this screening tool into your existing applicant tracking system (ATS) or talent acquisition software, and do more with the data from resumes, tests, interviews, and reviews while sourcing new hires.

2: Textio

This tool looks to refine your job listings to be more inclusive and less problematic, ensuring fewer good candidates are turned off by your wording. 


AI assistants are nothing new, but this company puts it to use in your hiring processes to help you do more with less time and resources. 

Need an all-in-one platform? Try Comeet

Not sure how you’ll pick through all of the above and settle on the best for you? Consider a blend of each with Comeet’s ATS. It takes the guesswork out of everything from video interviewing to CRM, and it has boosted metrics for recruiters and in-house hiring teams with its data management and innovative AI tools. You’ll get better data, so you can see where you can improve, then work to make your hiring process the best ever.

Contact us today to try a free demo!

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