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Common Pain Points for High-Growth Companies That Show It’s Time to Upgrade Your ATS

In your company’s early days, when your hiring needs were simple, a basic, legacy Applicant Tracking System (ATS) may have served your purposes. There was likely a small set of people involved in the company’s hiring and recruitment process and you weren’t hiring that many people at any one time. On the HR front, things were much simpler!

But now, you’re finding adding the right staff fast enough can be the critical impediment to maintaining your growth. If you’re like most high growth companies, you’re facing many if not all of the below recruitment challenges. 

It may be time to choose an ATS that can support your ambitious hiring goals. If so, check out our free buyer’s guide to choosing an ATS for high growth companies. 

Hiring & Recruitment Challenge

High Growth Company Problem

Difficult to Collaborate As your company grows, more people are involved in the hiring process: HR and recruiters, hiring managers, peer team members, etc.  Trying to keep everyone on the same page is incredibly difficult. There are calendars to coordinate, interviews to schedule, reviews to discuss and decisions to be made.
Poor Candidate Experience The hiring process for the best candidates is increasingly competitive.  Candidates today have lots of opportunities and often how they engage with you during the applying and interviewing process is their first experience with your company — and can highly influence their perception of your company.  If working with you is frustrating now, will they expect things to improve once they join, or look for a better environment?
Low Candidate Quality If you’re not sourcing the best candidates, there’s no way to hire the best candidates.  A traditional ATS doesn’t facilitate the strongest candidate sourcing options. You may end up with lots and lots of candidates, but not enough high quality applicants that you really want to hire.  This simply wastes everyone’s time and delays eventual time-to-hire. 
Inefficient, Manual Processes The more positions you’re hiring for, the more submissions you’re getting, the more responses you need to make, the more interviews you need to schedule, etc.  Without a proper system, everyone on your team is trapped in a world of trading emails, dropped connections, missed calls and lots of wasted time. The more inefficient the process, the worse the candidate experience, the longer things take and the higher likelihood of losing the candidates you want.
Poor Pipeline Visibility With one open position, it may not be too difficult to keep track of where candidates are in the pipeline.  But once you have numerous job postings, in different phases with hundreds of candidates, it can be impossible to know what the next steps for candidates are, where things are being held up in the process and what you need to do.
Inconsistent Candidate Review If one person is interviewing for a single position, it may not be that difficult to keep a position’s criteria consistent.  But with numerous positions and a large hiring team, it can be near impossible with a traditional ATS to ensure everyone interviewing is covering what they’re supposed to, position criteria are readily available to interviewers that may not be intimately familiar with a particular role and that no one runs afoul of any legal/regulatory/compliance issues.
Limited Recruiting Process Analysis/Optimization The key with any company that’s growing rapidly is to not only implement repeatable processes, but to continually monitor and analyze these processes and ensure you’re improving.  With a legacy ATS, there simply isn’t the capability to analyze your hiring and recruiting process on a data-driven basis, so you can identify what’s working (e.g. particular candidate sources) and how to improve your process.

If any of these pain points ring true, consider exploring alternative hiring solutions. Our free guide walks you through the process of choosing an ATS designed for rapidly hiring companies. Download it here.

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