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How to Choose an Application Tracking System [Downloadable Guide]

It’s a common challenge faced by high growth companies: Your focuses are scaling and your team is executing at a high level to keep up, but they’re increasingly stretched. You know you need to add staff and the business supports a workforce expansion, but you just can’t find, hire, and onboard the right people fast enough

Sound familiar? You’re not alone. Successfully recruiting talent has shown to be one of the most important factors in high growth companies’ ability to maintain their growth and reach the next level. 

The only way to have a top performing recruiting and hiring program is with a modern, collaborative software application that supports your hiring efforts. But what exactly is that? Our guide has the answer to choosing the right ATS — one built for a high growth company. 

Download the ATS guide here. 

Key Considerations for Choosing the Right ATS for a High-Growth Company

What Are My ATS Choices?

Before diving into how best to select an ATS platform, it’s helpful to understand the various alternatives that are out there and the constraints from each of them. Generally, most companies fall into one of these camps:

  • No ATS or formal system in place
  • Tracking applicants with spreadsheets, shared docs, or other home-grown systems
  • Lecagy, older applications that serve as ‘automated gatekeepers’ for applicants
  • Modern-looking ATS that, while modern looking, are less fully featured and lack the performance capabilities needed by high growth companies
  • HR systems that help with basic recruiting capabilities, in addition to payroll administration, employee management, etc. 
  • ATS that streamlines the hiring process based on collaboration, automation, and intelligent workflows to support rapid growth (preferred).

Read more about the ATS landscape in our guide

What Modern ATS Features Should I Look For? 

We’ve found that the ATS features and functionality you need are focused around these key areas: 

  • Candidate Experience
  • Candidate Sourcing
  • Consistency & Automation
  • Strong Collaboration
  • Documentation & Measurement

Download the guide for a list of features that your ATS should have to streamline each of these areas. 

Do I need an ATS designed to support high growth companies?

There are all sorts of tools used in the hiring process.  The most common and useful technology platform is what’s known as an Applicant Tracking System, or ‘ATS’ for short. These are applications that help companies manage their talent acquisition efforts.  

However, for fast growing companies, the wrong type of ATS or other hiring platform can prove to be a gating factor in achieving success.  High growth companies have particular needs that can only be met by a particular type of ATS. 

Our guide has a checklist that walks you through the criteria of choosing an ATS. Download the free guide to put it to use. 

How do I get started choosing an ATS? 

In our ATS Buyer’s Guide for High Growth Companies, we’ve laid out everything you need to know to choose your recruiting software. The guide includes an overview of the ATS landscape, common pain points you may be experiencing, ATS features to look for, an overview of the decision process, and a checklist to use when making your decision. 

Download the guide to get started choosing your ATS and optimizing your hiring process for rapid growth.

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