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recruiting software can help create the best candidate experience

How Recruiting Software for Small Businesses Enables You to Hire Candidates With In-Demand Skills

When hiring in-demand talent, you must stand apart during the recruiting process. With the help of recruiting software for small businesses, you’ll be able to create an ideal candidate experience that appeals to prospective employees.

Many competing businesses are actively seeking highly skilled employees, and candidates want to be sure that they’re making the right choice before accepting a job offer. They’ll want to conduct plenty of research on their hunt for the perfect job. This selectivity is particularly the case for experienced and skilled employees who can afford to be highly selective regarding employment. These are some of the reasons why many companies are finding it difficult to recruit top talent.

The following are some of the ways full life cycle recruiting software can help create the best candidate experience, so small businesses can attract in-demand talent.

Give Candidates More Control in the Hiring Process

Candidates don’t want to feel like they’re at the whims of recruiters. If candidates don’t have control during the recruiting process, they may think that the company is controlling and doesn’t value its candidates or employees. You should enable candidates to have some level of control over the hiring process, allowing them to communicate with you how and when they want to proceed with the recruiting process. Additionally, candidates should have a say in scheduling interviews.

Recruiting software for small business applications can help improve communication and scheduling, which will show that you value the candidate’s time and input.

Showcase Your Values and Mission

During their research, candidates will look into your company as much as they’ll look into information about the open role. They’ll seek out details such as your company’s values and history, your products, and more. One report found that 79% of candidates consider a company’s mission statement before applying. 

By using recruiting software for full-cycle recruiting, you can showcase key details about your company, like your mission and values, so candidates have a solid understanding of your business when applying.

Maintain Communication

A lack of communication in the hiring process can turn candidates away even after you initially attract them and bring them into the recruitment cycle. Candidates won’t appreciate it if you fail to communicate with them throughout the hiring process. 

It’s important to over communicate throughout the recruitment process. As soon as prospective candidates reach out to you, be sure to get back to them. Provide any information they request and answer the questions they’re likely to have. Clarify any details that might seem vague to them. Keeping candidates consistently informed is a great way to build trust and show that your hiring team is attentive and cares about the candidate.

Keep in mind that feedback after the interview is also critical. 52% of candidates who were given feedback after an interview were more likely to continue a relationship with the company, whether they got the job or the company rejected them. Providing feedback further demonstrates that you value the candidate even if you didn’t choose them for the role.

By choosing the right recruiting software, you’ll be able to facilitate effective communication with candidates at every stage. For instance, you can create personalized emails that instantly go to candidates after they express interest in a position. A confirmation email or SMS text could also include details about the interview date and time with information about what to expect during the interview.

Increase the Efficiency of the Hiring Process

While the hiring process requires sufficient time to screen applicants, inform candidates, and take other steps, there are ways to effectively accelerate the process.

Candidates with in-demand skills won’t have the patience to undergo a hiring process that takes too long, and they often don’t need to. Skilled job seekers have the freedom to choose between multiple options.

If you want to make the internal and external recruiting process faster, the right hiring tool can help. You can use the ideal recruiting scheduling software to make it fast and easy to schedule an interview. The right software will also allow you to conduct virtual interviews that speed up the hiring process. Taking steps like these can avoid annoying candidates and turning them away. At the same time, you can still do what needs to be done to bring on new employees efficiently.

Find the Right Solution with Strategic Recruiting Partners

Building the perfect candidate experience will go a long way towards helping you find and employ top talent in your industry, and the key to building a positive candidate experience is choosing the best recruiting software for your small business. A dependable software solution will give you everything you need to simplify and optimize the recruiting process, while creating an amazing experience for candidates.

Comeet is one of the most reliable platforms you’ll find to improve your recruiting process. Schedule a demo with Comeet to learn more about what our solution can do for you.

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