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Better Hiring for Everyone: One-Way Video Interviewing Now Available in Comeet


One-way video interviews are now available in Comeet!

We’re thrilled to announce an exciting new feature in Comeet: one-way video interviews powered by Spark Hire. This feature, now available to all Comeet users, includes 25 free one-way video interviews each month.

This new feature is a game-changer for everyone in the hiring process, allowing for a better, branded candidate experience and time savings with automated one-way video interviews— right within your hiring workflow.

With this incredible addition, when a candidate reaches the one-way video interview step in the workflow, they are sent an invite requesting that they complete a one-way interview.

The mutual benefits: simplified for Candidates, streamlined for Recruiters and Hiring Managers

  1. Candidate-focused approach: This feature brings the one-way interview to the candidate, allowing them to engage in the hiring process on their own terms, reducing anxiety and increasing accessibility.
  2. Streamlined screening for Recruiting teams and Hiring Managers: Quickly identify top talent from your candidate pool. This feature makes it easier to spot the right candidates early in the process, streamlining your selection workflow.
  3. Collaborative decision-making: It promotes teamwork in hiring decisions. With shared access to candidate videos, your team can make informed choices together.

Using one-way video interviews:

It’s easy to incorporate one-way video interviews into your workflow:

  • Start the video interview process directly in Comeet.
  • Invite candidates to record their interviews at their convenience.
  • Collaboratively review and discuss these interviews with your team, all within the ATS.

Hear it from our customers

“AUTOMATION! In order to be the best, you always have to ask yourself how you can be more efficient. The Comeet + Spark Hire integration is saving a tremendous amount of time for our team. All we have to do is review a new applicant on Comeet, then click start to trigger the request for Spark Hire to email the candidate to complete a one-way video interview. To add on to the efficiency, Spark Hire will also follow up with the candidate many times before expiring the request. This has been a wonderful addition to our workflow and looking forward to the next builds!”

-Mike Silva, VP, Team Success | Tech‑Keys

Plan options

Get started with our complimentary plan, including 25 one-way interviews each month. You’ll find this within your Comeet account.

For an expanded experience, our Unlimited Spark Hire plan offers unlimited interviews and access to additional Spark Hire features like customized question sets. Learn more about Unlimited Spark Hire here.

A step forward for efficient and thoughtful hiring

Join us as we move towards a hiring process that’s thoughtful and efficient, benefiting everyone involved. The addition of one-way video interviewing streamlines recruitment, offering a straightforward and comfortable experience for candidates and a smarter, more effective workflow for hiring teams.

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Bry Larrea

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