Upgrade Your Hiring Process with Spark Hire's One-way Video Interviewing Platform


Why one-way video interviews? 

Discover the benefits of one-way interviewing and why it’s a game-changer for both candidates and employers.

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Convenient for Candidates

One-way interviews let candidates respond at their convenience, making the process stress-free and accessible.

Selective for Employers

Swiftly identify motivated and suitable candidates, streamlining the hiring process.

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Using Spark Hire, we were able to take a 45 minute scheduled phone interview and replace it with a 15 minute one-way video interview. This change has saved us countless hours in the screening process, and also given us the insights to only focus our time on the best applicants.”
– Amy Hargrove, All Web Leads

What makes Spark Hire different? 

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Efficient Candidate selection

Prioritize Candidates who closely align with the job requirements.

Boost your brand's reputation

Prompt satisfied candidates to share their positive experiences, amplifying your brand's image in the job market.

Personalized interviewing experience

Offer a branded interview journey with a user-friendly interface across devices.

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In-depth insights & reports

Track overall candidate experience, speed of hiring, interviewer feedback, and more.

How It Works

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Invite candidates to complete one-way interviews

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Candidates self-record responses

Candidates record video answers on their own time; no scheduling required.

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Evaluate & collaborate

Watch, rate, and comment on candidate responses, and share videos with hiring managers.

What you get when you upgrade

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Unlimited customization

Craft unlimited question sets for a tailored interview experience.

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Unlimited interviews 

Conduct unlimited one-way interviews, simplifying the selection process.

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Full access to Spark Hire

Unlock the full potential of Spark Hire with access to automated reference checks, transcripts, and live interviews to optimize your hiring process.

Upgrade for Unlimited One-Way Interviews

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