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The Interesting Impact of Remote Work on the Hiring Process

The Interesting Impact of Remote Work on the Hiring Process

There is no arguing that remote work is becoming more prevalent, and in demand by top talent, with that being said, what kind of impact is it having on the hiring process? 

A forced pause and pivot & the remote work hiring process

Harvard Business Review hit the nail on the head when they referred to the past few years as a “forced experiment”. Many individuals suddenly found themselves working remotely. 

When many hiring managers and recruitment teams had to pause or slow down their hiring process it created an unprecedented opportunity to rethink and reflect. Society for Advancement of Management surveyed 500 staffing professionals, and the data revealed that about 90% have altered their hiring process since 2020. 

In relation, having a clear and defined brand will help bring in candidates with, hopefully, similar interests. Although it may have not been ideal or familiar at first, being forced to reevaluate these things and lean into virtual recruitment is proving incredibly beneficial. 

A closer look at the benefits behind the remote work hiring process

Significant decreases in the hiring process costs are a huge reason recruiting and working remotely has been such a success. With saving on office space, rental costs, utilities, and even company cars in some instances, remote work has a reputation for being budget-friendly, and this extends to the hiring process as well. Virtual interviews have become the new norm in many fields. 

Though virtual interviews may have not been the first pick in the past, as the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) highlighted, these practices are here to stay. In a poll conducted by SHRM, data showed that though 82% of the participants began utilizing virtual interviews during the pandemic, but, moving forward, 93% will continue to do so permanently. 

Often to save time and narrow down eligible candidates, before getting to a live video interview, hiring teams will turn to one-way video interviews. These can help managers get a feel for applicants as well as serve as preliminary screening interviews. 

Video conferencing saves recruiting teams on everything from spending money on travel to food costs. Not to mention, employers have already noticed the additional advantages associated with these practices. 

An expedited time-to-hire and a “more streamlined hiring process” are just two of the many benefits. In addition, candidates have shared more positive experiences and often benefited from having the opportunity to schedule or select the time of a virtual interview. 

Employee recruitment hiring strategies for the remote work hiring process

Companies that want to remain relevant and up-to-date are developing and embracing new techniques and strategies when it comes to recruiting talent. Many have turned to HR softwares like Comeet to help virtually manage and mainstream candidates. 

Programs like Comeet often utilize Artificial Intelligence helping them work even more efficiently. From screening resumes to automated follow-up emails, being able to rely on a trustworthy platform allows employees to prioritize their time while working smarter. Not to mention, by implementing softwares and products that use Artificial Intelligence, employers are taking steps toward preventing human errors and, more importantly, biases. 

In addition to the ever-popular LinkedIn, CNBC reported that almost 60% of recruiters are now turning to Facebook, Instagram, and other social media network platforms to reach potential candidates. Furthermore, keeping options open and outsourcing work might make sense for some hiring teams. 

Being able to scale staffing, meet fluctuating demands, and create appealing opportunities for candidates is a win-win-win.  

How motivation and productivity play a role in remote work and the hiring process

For many reasons, working remotely has become a career goal or a highly-sought out opportunity. Remote work has been cited to have an incredibly positive impact on employees’ motivation and productivity. 

By keeping this in mind and structuring and advertising flexible options, more and more candidates will be genuinely interested in joining and contributing to a team or project. On the flip side, with remote work, it is even more important to set clear expectations and performance goals. 

Sometimes people can be hesitant to embrace remote work due to a fear of loneliness or isolation. Staying one step ahead and providing resources, activities, and incentives revolving around co-worker engagement can often ease potential candidates’ state of mind as well as encourage them to want to be a part of the team or company. 

Ultimately, people want to feel good about their job, and utilizing the positive connection between motivation, productivity, and flexible remote work options within the hiring process can help recruit worthwhile candidates and also promote employee retention. 

Collaboration and Coordination are key in the remote work hiring process

Hiring remotely requires an additional level of collaboration and coordination. Since the positions at hand are remote or hybrid roles, hiring managers will want to work closely with administrators and employers to come up with an onboarding process, including any training.

To avoid any potential surprises or miscommunications, having a clear, definite, mainstream plan in place will benefit everyone. Though it might seem cumbersome at first, it promotes transparency and accountability on all ends 

Why Comeet is a must for the remote hiring process

Sourcing, recruiting, and hiring talent has never been easier with Comeet. Comeet‘s platform gives users everything they need through its collaborative approach. Talent snapshots, workflows, reporting, workflows, built-in calendars, and intuitive collaboration tools are a few of the impressive features individuals can expect to find on the innovative platform. 

Comeet was specifically designed for fast-growing businesses. Sophisticated candidate experiences and reports and tailored insights specific to the needs of hiring teams and recruiters are just two of the many benefits that Comeet users can expect. 

Another great thing about Comeet is that it’s configurable to each business’ needs. Quickly generated ROI and scalable solutions are the standard over here. 

A closer look at Comeet’s supported features

Automation is automatically making lives easier, and that is the case for Comeet’s Hiring Process Automation. From customizable workflows to adapting the interview process for a certain role, Comeet’s automation feature makes it all a breeze. 

Consistency is another key factor for Comeet. The branded job boards and e-signature process ensure that all of the t’s get crossed and the i’s get dotted. With an intuitive user interface and dashboards, users will be able to easily navigate and find what they need fast. 

Programmatic daily exports, antivirus and security settings and requisition approvals are a few other features that make Comeet such an amazing investment. 

Comeet’s testimonials and why everyone loves it 

The information, data, and features of Comeet are remarkable, and users’ testimonials only reinforce that. Jon Shepard, Explortium’s Vice President of Enterprise Sales, shared, “I started using the Comeet platform to help us keep the hiring process in one place. With Comeet, it’s easy to stay notified, it’s easy to follow a schedule, it’s easy to get the feedback I need so I can make a go or no-go decision more quickly.” With ease, clear communication, and, of course, Comeet, just about anything is possible. 

Another user happily stated, “All the tools, features, and functionality to bring your teams together and keep them effectively and efficiently connected. Whatever their role, Comeet will help them do it better.” With so many added benefits, it almost seems silly to not invest in Comeet.

When it comes to application tracking systems (ATS), Comeet is a leading force, and rightfully so. Vimeo, Moon Active, Playtika, Data Rails, AnyClip, Fiverr, and Solar Edge are just a few of the many trusted brands that have gotten behind Comeet. 

How to get started with Comeet today

At Comeet, you are always in good company. Comeet brings applicant tracking, recruiting, hiring, and teams all together in one place.

Hopefully, by this point, many people are making moves to incorporate Comeet into their hiring process. Fortunately, and to no one’s surprise, Comeet has a few options that employers can invest in. 

For those who are just interested in talent acquisition, the Comeet platform is the perfect foundation and starting point. Potential users who are interested in establishing a qualified candidate pipeline and are seeking dedicated recruiting resources can also signup for Elastic Recruiting. 

In addition, users can develop their own embedded TA team to assist them with Comeet and the remote hiring process. Depending on the needs and situation, prices will vary, but users can be assured that they can find the right fit for them.

Luckily, Comeet allows interested individuals to demo the product and make the process to connect with Comeet simple. Hiring challenges, initiatives, and goals are simply one click away with Comeet.

Fill out this Comeet form to find out more information and how you can improve your remote work hiring process starting today. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you transform your remote hiring process for the better. Until then, be sure to stay up to date by checking out Comeet’s blog and following us on Twitter.

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