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The New Comeet Hiring Experience

We are excited about 2022 for so many reasons. One of the biggest reasons is that we will be introducing new features and an enhanced design for the Comeet Platform. Our customers are at the center of everything we do, and these new features are being created with users in mind for a whole new hiring experience for hiring managers and recruiters.  Enhancements and new features come directly from feedback and suggestions we’ve gotten from our customers. Hiring managers and recruiters using Comeet will find that the platform is easier and more intuitive to use than ever.  

Our Design Philosophy

Everything we do at Comeet is inspired by our customers. We conducted research with hiring managers and recruiters to learn about how they really use Comeet, and what can be improved for their specific needs. Our research included interviews and feedback surveys with current and prospective users to develop our new design and features.

Our new features and the new design reflect what our customers expect. They will allow hiring managers and recruiters to make better decisions and work faster when they do their part in the hiring process. The new design elements are also more slick and elegant, making Comeet more enjoyable to use. With all these new enhancements, you’ll love Comeet even more. Everything we do is with our customers in mind. This includes the way we approach design and user experience.

New Features  

A few of the new features you’ll see throughout 2022 include a redesign for the candidate profile and reporting interface, along with deeper integration with LinkedIn. You’ll love using the new Candidate Profile because you can access candidate information and complete tasks more quickly with an intuitive and updated interface. New reporting features and enhanced design,  make it easy to find the data you need, and highlight the insights that you’re looking for without wasting time. The LinkedIn Recruiter integration makes working between Comeet with Linkedin seamless.

New Candidate Profile 

comeet candidate profile

We redesigned the candidate profile to accommodate various user journeys of hiring managers and recruiters. From individual tasks to the big-picture, team members have the ability to adjust their view. For instance, a recruiter may want to keep the candidate’s workflow open so that they can modify and customize it as needed, while a hiring manager may minimize the candidate profile to only see what they need to do next

The information on the candidate profile is presented in a new layout that makes it more accessible, especially for new users. Data is divided into three layers: the candidate’s application, the evaluation of the candidate’s fit for the job, and discussions both with and about candidates.

Comeet candidate profile on mobile

The mobile experience has been redesigned to allow you to screen candidates more easily in the early stages of the hiring process. You can also review feedback from other colleagues on the hiring team in later phases of the process by swiping to browse interviewers feedback. Our redesigned mobile experience will make it easier for you to screen and hire candidates on the go.

The redesign of the candidate profile is only the beginning.  Users can expect many Comeet tools to undergo thoughtful enhancements in 2022!

Enhanced Reporting

Expect clarity and ease of use as reporting is significantly updated. We asked customers what they needed and they told us they wanted better navigation to access important reports more efficiently. The fewer clicks and quick access to reports the better. Visual enhancements support user-centric design principles throughout the platform.

reports 1
reports 1

With the coming enhancements, it will be easier than ever to find the data that you’re looking for – from finding the right report to analyzing the data to gather the most important insights. The data visualizations will also be enhanced to help you understand the information more easily. Additionally, there will be new tools to help with analysis throughout the hiring process so that your entire hiring team can make better decisions.

We’re excited to make life easier for our users!

This is just the beginning of many more exciting improvements as there’s more to come this year. Our goal is to help you hire top candidates quickly and make that experience more enjoyable. With the new features, enhanced design, and key integrations, the Comeet platform will help you do just that.

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