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CNA Job Description Template

What Does a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) Do?

CNAs (or Certified Nursing Assistants or Nursing Assistants or Certified Patient Care Assistants or Patient Care Technicians or Staff CNAs) provide quality healthcare services under the direction of a nurse in home, medical facility and/or hospital environments. CNAs are tasked with helping and engaging with patients directly, from taking vital signs and assisting with daily needs to proving appropriate comfort, support and transportation as needed.

CNA Job Overview

In the CNA role, you will serve an important role in the total patient care experience.  Under the direction of a nurse (RN or LPN), you will deliver helpful and compassionate service to patients under your care.  Tasks include helping patients with their day-to-day living tasks, examining patients and reporting issues, and assisting nursing and medical staff in providing effective care.  CNAs must follow all facility policies and procedures as well as ensure safety, environmental, and infection control standards are met. Success in this role will be demonstrated by professionally delivering care and helping nursing staff provide medical care effectively.

CNA Job Responsibilities and Duties

  • Provide needed care and comfort in a compassionate manner to patients under the direction of a nurse
  • Respond to patient calls and requests, providing help and assistance as needed
  • Ensure patients are provided care with daily living needs such as providing meals, nourishment and hydration, helping patients move and turn as needed, keeping patients clean, assisting with physical support in walking & exercise, and helping keep them in good spirits 
  • Regularly check vital signs (such as blood pressure, pulse and temperature) monitor health, track food & liquid intake and urine & fecal output, observe patient behavior and report all conditions accordingly
  • Monitor patient diets and dietary requirements based on allergy, condition, medication constraints and individual preferences
  • Assist nurses and hospital staff in providing high quality patient care
  • Provide procedures as directed such as applying non-sterile dressings, ice packs, baths, skin care and heat treatments
  • Assist patients with personal hygiene (e.g. getting dressed, washed, fed, using the toilet, etc.)
  • Perform work in accordance with all facility and regulatory patient care standards
  • Assist with admitting, transferring and discharging patients as needed
  • Comply with HIPAA regulations by protecting confidential patient data
  • Stay current with latest nursing training and facility policies & regulations

CNA Job Requirements

  • 1-2 years experience as a nurse assistant or related patient care delivery role
  • Prior experience in effectively assisting nursing professionals
  • Ability to take direction and respond promptly in a fast-paced, critical care environment
  • Basic computer & technology skills, particularly in a healthcare environment
  • Very positive and friendly attitude
  • Strong language and communication skills; ability to communicate effectively and compassionately (good “bedside manner”); bilingual capability a plus 
  • Strong work ethic, dependable and punctual
  • Positive recommendations from prior work experience
  • High school diploma or GED equivalent
  • Successful completion of state-approved CNA certification
  • CPR certification


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