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Emergency Medical Technician Job Description Template

What Does an Emergency Medical Technician Do?

Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) are entry-level patient care providers who respond to emergencies and stabilize patients before they are brought to a healthcare center. EMTs are typically responsible for operating emergency vehicles and assisting other emergency personnel in performing advanced life support. 

Emergency Medical Technician Job Overview

In the EMT role, you will be responsible for providing basic life support and transporting patients to medical facilities. It’s imperative that you are physically agile and have outstanding people skills. Success in this role will be demonstrated by the ability to stay calm in a crisis while making the best decisions for the patient.

Emergency Medical Technician Job Responsibilities and Duties

  • Assesses patient’s vital statistics
  • Assesses the urgency and nature of the situation in order to determine the need for additional support
  • Responds to call-outs as quickly as possible
  • Operates emergency carrier proficiently and safely
  • Controls crowds while protecting the valuables of patients
  • Accomplishes patient care reports 
  • Complies with standard operating procedures
  • Handles the reception of patients in medical facilities

Emergency Medical Technician Job Requirements

  • High school diploma 
  • EMT certification
  • Ambulance certification
  • Driver’s license and untainted driving record
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Strong awareness of emergency protocols
  • Physically agile and strong


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