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Science and Technology Job Descriptions

There are a number of job positions in specialized scientific and technological fields that require specific education and expertise.  Lab positions like lab techs or lab assistants perform technical and complex functions in all types of corporate and academic research and development labs.  In seeking to fill such positions, be clear what job requirements there are from degrees to lab skills to experience with certain equipment to particular certifications.  Note if lab experience from other industries is applicable to your opening.

Other science-based roles may require other quantitative and data science experience such as in geographic information systems (GIS) or outside fieldwork.  Roles like a GIS analyst often rely on specific technologies so be clear with such roles if there is particular technology or tool expertise that’s required.  For all these roles, highlight the type of work environment, projects that candidates will work on, travel opportunities and team expertise as those qualities are often key elements in selecting their next job.  Highlight the advantages of your organization and what someone can learn there.

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