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There’s never been a better time to upgrade to Comeet from Jobvite.

Upgrade to Comeet for a hassle-free hiring experience – with ease of set up, dependable partnership, and simplified admin.

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Ease of Set Up

Streamline your hiring process with Comeet – the ultimate solution for compiling, organizing, and reviewing resumes with your team. Our easy-to-use platform makes setting up and managing your recruiting process a breeze. Collaborate on a configurable and intuitive hiring platform that scales to your needs.

Trusted Partner

Partner with Comeet and experience the difference. Our impactful updates and responsive customer service team make us a reliable partner in streamlining your hiring process. From the moment you start using Comeet, you’ll find that everything is organized and easy to use. Our user-friendly platform and amazing customer service ensure that you’ll have the support you need to make a life change in your hiring process. Trust Comeet to be your partner in business success.

Ease of Admin

Simplify your administrative processes with Comeet. Our platform allows you to easily configure permissions and workflows tailored to the unique needs of your company. Say goodbye to the headache of recruiting monitoring with our user-friendly platform. Comeet’s capabilities and tools go above and beyond those of other solutions, providing ease of access that can’t be found elsewhere.

Get more with a lower cost-per-hire with Comeet

Here’s what teams that switched to Comeet from Lever had to say:

“Now that we’ve moved from Lever to Comeet, we communicate effectively across the hiring team, with our sources and with candidates, have complete visibility into our processes, and seamlessly manage our campaigns and social network sharing – and all with lower cost per hire than before.”

Rinat Oren, VP People and Culture at

Teams that switched from Lever think that Comeet is better at:

We’ve interviewed our customers who came from Lever – here is what they are happier with at Comeet:

  • Manage the hiring process with customized fields, processes, positions and more, based on your company’s way of working
  • Collaborate with the rest of your team on the candidate’s process with interview scorecards, commenting, integrated emailing and more
  • Manage candidates with seamless scheduling, one-click integrations with your favorite communication tools, and more
  • Instantly produce tens of dedicated report types, designed according to thorough research and discussions with users like you
  • Find the built-in report you need – Comeet offers reports for every role and every need, from the highest executive level and down to the little details
  • Make data-based decisions with intelligent reporting & built-in analytics tools, without context-switching
  • Customizable permissions and access levels that enable you to work seamlessly with HR, your recruiting teams and your hiring managers
  • Superior self-service with our personalized chats, extensive documentation, and rich resources
  • Customer support available for you around the clock
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Why upgrade to Comeet?

Optimize your hiring process with our customizable and all-inclusive platform

  • Access everything you need from a single source of truth – the Comeet platform, including automated workflows, video interviews and offer e-signing.
  • Enforce your process policies and requirements while also customizing different workflows based on your unique technology stack and company processes.
  • Leverage templates for positions, steps, questionnaires, messaging for candidates and for sources to both improve productivity and also strengthen your employer brand.

Accelerate your hiring process and reduce costs with Comeet

  • Reach your candidates faster with auto- and self-scheduling, integrated tools for direct communications and for interviewing, and automated offer processes.
  • Implement effective referral programs with easy position sharing, a dedicated careers website, and deep insights.
  • Attract outstanding talent faster with integrations for your job boards and your other sourcing tools.

Streamline your hiring process with our all-in-one collaboration tools

  • Communicate and work together with best-in-class collaboration tools that keep all information and insights in one place, per candidate and per position, including emails, notes 
and comments.
  • Manage and conduct interviews all from the same page, including interview questions that you can prepare and reuse, note-taking on-the-fly, integrated interviewing tools and effective scorecards.

Elevate the candidate experience with our user-friendly platform

  • Ensure a smooth candidate experience with seamless self-scheduled interviews that candidates love, one-click integrations with your favorite communication tools, and more.
  • Properly timed notifications help candidates come to interviews prepared and leave even disappointed candidates feeling positive about your company.
  • Built-in surveys and questionnaires combined with built-in reporting and insights give you full visibility into every candidate’s experience and identify opportunities to improve.

Revolutionize your candidate search with our AI-powered technology

Fully resourced and armed with the best technology available, we help you find candidate quality you’d expect from a high-powered agency, with unmatched flexibility:

  • Comeet sourcing and recruiting services are elastic, scalable and flexible, providing you with the exact kind of engagement and assistance you are looking for.
  • Candidates are sourced and identified from the largest public and private candidate database sources globally, all verified by our expert professionals.
  • Our recruiters commit to your goals the way you would expect from an in-house team member, functioning as an extension of your team and focusing on recruiting so you can focus on your business goals.

Unlock your full hiring potential with our scalable and versatile sourcing and recruiting services

Comeet leverages advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to provide the most robust candidate search technology in the (ATS) market, enabling you to:

  • Search based on candidate competency and background with a dozen unique filters, including skills and years of experience, degree, current and past positions, company size, industry, languages and more.
  • Find past candidates that match specific position criteria.
  • Find positions based on your company’s custom fields.

Ensure diversity in your hiring process with our unique sourcing integrations and compliance features

  • Leverage our unique sourcing integrations to connect with a broader and more diverse candidate pool.
  • Promote diversity and comply with relevant diversity regulations with a demographic questionnaire as part of your application form; review responses with discreet reports.
  • Gather the information you need with our EEOC & OFCCP compliance and reporting feature to comply with 
these regulations.

Boost Internal Mobility, Retention, and Quality-of-Hire with Automated Referral Programs

  • Enable employees to easily apply to open positions across the organization, promoting internal mobility and increasing employee retention.
  • Engage employees in your recruiting efforts with automated referral programs, enabling employees to see the bonuses offered for each position, quickly share open positions with their social networks and bring referrals for newly opened positions.
  • Employees receive automatic updates about the status of their referrals.
  • Analyze, understand and tweak your referral program with our powerful reporting and insights.
Comeet vs Jobvite

Compare Comeet and Jobvite

Don’t just take our word for it
This is what G2 reviewers had to say:

Meets Requirements

Jobvite 8.4

Ease of Use

Jobvite 8.6

Ease of Setup

Jobvite 8.3

Ease of Admin

Jobvite 8.5

Quality of Support

Jobvite 8.1

Our customers love us

“Moving to Comeet brought order to chaos for us with an interface that’s easy to use, information that’s intuitively organized, and the ability to make data-based decisions. Not only that, but it’s easier to schedule interviews, and the scorecard is super useful. We’re never looking back at Lever.”

Ben Taiber, HR Operations & People Program Manager at Trigo

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