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Careage Onboarded to Comeet to Save Hours Each Day

“Comeet has saved me at least an hour and a half a day.” — Kathleen Weiss, Corporate Project Manager

Careage’s Kathleen Weiss, Corporate Project Manager, created and oversees the recruiting process for Careage — an operation with 30 open jobs at any given time. 

When hiring at that scale and pace, Weiss said, easily seeing across the hiring process became critical. “To keep hiring running smoothly, I needed to see right now: What has each recruiter been working on and how has it been going?” Weiss said. 

But with Indeed’s recruiting service, that transparency didn’t exist. “Indeed was scrambled. I had to dig for the right information,” said Weiss. “I don’t have time to do that every day.” 

Careage needed a recruiting platform with better collaboration, automation, and insights to hire faster and more efficiently. She found one in Comeet. 

Careage is a real estate development and management company specializing in healthcare and housing needs of seniors. Founded over 50 years ago, Careage has developed and constructed over 400 hospitals, nursing homes, and senior living communities in 26 states. 

  • Joined Comeet in 2019
  • 400+ locations

Onboarding to Comeet from Indeed

Weiss and her team used Indeed prior to joining Comeet. “Indeed was scrambled,” said Weiss. “You had to dig for the right information.” Weiss’s team was struggling to track statuses for applicants. Weiss was spending too much time catching up on recruiter progress. 

Weiss implemented weekly reports from each recruiter, but even those were manual in scope and reliant on qualitative feedback. Great candidates were at risk of falling through the cracks and Weiss’s team was spending too much time trying to keep up. 

Careage recruiting needed transparency across every corner of its process. Weiss signed onto Comeet in December 2019, and was happy with the choice from day one. 

“Once we signed onto Comeet, our recruiting team did multiple recruiter trainings. It was the best part of onboarding,” said Weiss. 

These recruiter trainings walk through the Comeet platform and its functions, the necessary steps to set up and use Comeet to its fullest, and common recruiting workflows. Because they take place in a webinar format, team members can join from wherever they may work and can ask questions in real time.  

In addition to team trainings, Careage’s onboarding includes:

  • Hiring manager trainings
  • Data migration
  • Integration into Careage’s careers website
  • Calendar integration
  • Consultation calls

Using Comeet to Save Hours Each Day

“Comeet has saved me at least an hour and a half a day,” said Weiss. “Before Comeet, I was spending time digging and taking phone calls: Why aren’t these job openings working? Where are we with this candidate? There are so many hands in the hiring bucket, and I had been spending too much time catching up on where we were every day.” 

Two Comeet functionalities have especially saved Weiss and her team time: 

Easy-to-use and automated elements of recruiters’ workflows. 

“Our recruiters can see who is in the pipeline easily and visually. We have 30 jobs open at any given time. There are so many moving parts. They couldn’t afford to dig through that on their own. Comeet has better recording of their status and reminders to follow up,” said Weiss. 

Comeet’s automation was especially key in saving recruiters time. “Reminders for recruiters to follow up with candidates was a big reason we signed on,” said Weiss. 

“Overall, it’s probably saved recruiters a couple of hours a day with that many jobs open.”

Seamless insights into each stage of the hiring process. 

“Now, recruiters can easily spread out their work to different job boards, and I can easily track what’s happening everywhere,” said Weiss. 

Weiss uses Comeet reports to quickly keep up to date. In particular, she uses reports to check in on: 

  • Time to hire
  • Candidate statuses 
  • Activity workflows for recruiters

“These are all at a glance now. I can go into Comeet daily to look at these reports,” said Weiss.

Customer Support At Every Step

Since Day 1 of using Comeet, Careage has been able to lean on the support of Comeet’s Customer Success team. From onboarding calls and webinars to prompt answers to any questions, the Comeet team is available to help. 

About Comeet

Comeet is the hiring platform that fuels winning teams. Our award-winning collaborative recruiting platform powers exceptional hiring experiences for employees and candidates, alike. 

Drop us an email at and let’s connect. 

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