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How Robots and Pencils Customizes Its Hiring Workflow with Comeet

Case Study: Digital innovation firm Robots & Pencils used Comeet to build a customized hiring process to find talent that fits its unique culture.

Customer Overview

Robots & Pencils is a mobile strategy and app development firm known for its top ranking consumer apps and transformative enterprise apps. Founded in 2009, the company has become a trusted strategic partner to some of the world’s largest brands, backed by over 175 employees across seven offices in the US and Canada. The firm has been a Comeet customer since 2017.


As a digital innovation firm, Robots & Pencils (R&P) is highly dependent on the quality of its talent such as user experience, research and design, visual design, and front and backend development professionals. However, with only a two-person recruiting team, the company was challenged in supporting an extremely active candidate pipeline.

Given the demand in its space and competition for top talent, the firm is always recruiting & interviewing, having upwards of 80 positions, across all its locations, open at any given time. But until projects and budgets are approved, it can’t hire and onboard new talent. Depending on the position, the time-to-hire can be from a few days to several months.

With over 75 of its employees involved in the hiring process at some stage or another, it’s difficult for the recruiting team to keep everyone (interviewers and candidates) aligned, in sync and regularly updated as to process, status and next steps. Prior to deploying Comeet, the company could not customize the process workflows as needed.


At Robots & Pencils, finding skilled talent who also mesh with their unique culture is important, so it always takes its time hiring. Most of its candidates are word-of-mouth referrals or sourced through LinkedIn Recruiter.

The recruiting team’s focus was to have an applicant tracking platform to:

  • Seamlessly move candidates through an interview workflow that includes resume and portfolio reviews, initial interview conversations, assessments and interactions with additional Robot & Pencil’s staff.
  • Create a positive candidate experience throughout the process to keep candidates engaged and excited about joining R&P
  • Have a flexible workflow system adjustable to the needs of the business

It was important that the new system be customized to its specific hiring process. At R&P, after interview workflow steps are completed, and before it hires, it conducts an internal feedback session with the interview team to make the final hiring decision. Each final feedback session could include 4-7 interviewers from across the firm, and all of them needed to be kept regularly up-to-date and apprised of next steps, without manual effort.

The Comeet workflow structure is a game-changer.
I love that we can see where each candidate is at every point in the process.



The company evaluated a number of applicant tracking systems and selected Comeet due to its rapid deployment, flexibility and ease to support its specific business processes. After deploying Comeet in only one week, the recruiting team immediately benefited from an impressive level of workflow customizability.

Before it began using Comeet, R&P’s workflows had consisted of just a few steps, and they could not be customized per position. Over time, the team started customizing the workflows, adding more steps, and expanding their scope due to Comeet’s customization capabilities.

Specific Comeet functionality that was particularly helpful in upgrading R&P’s recruiting and hiring program included:

  • Smart Workflows
  • Task Automation
  • Team Communication
  • Interview Coordination
  • Insights & Analysis

Results / Benefits

With Comeet in place, R&P could now revamp and upgrade its talent acquisition workflow. In conjunction with Comeet’s highly responsive support team, it could customize and create all the email and workflow templates it needed, resulting in an applicant tracking system more reflective of the company’s requirements. For example, workflows were configured to match its specific processes, with as many steps as needed, rather than being constrained as it had been.

Now, the recruiting team organizes much of its day with Comeet, with the insight and control to do its job more effectively. The team loves the layout of Comeet, which has now grown to three full-time recruitment-focused staff and one part-time candidate sourcing consultant. To them, the system’s highly intuitive. They use the flow concept from the resume review stage all the way through to hiring & onboarding.

Using Comeet has transformed the process that Robots & Pencils uses to find the right talent. Like so many other trendsetting talent acquisition professionals and HR leaders who are choosing Comeet, the R&P recruiting team found a way to deliver on its company’s unique goals, support the company-wide involvement in hiring, and optimized its particular process, with the easy-to-use tools to keep everything structured.


Are you looking to start your hiring process today? Comeet can help. Check out to our pricing plans learn more about how we can redefine the way you recruit new talent. Or just drop your details below and we'll get back to you promptly.

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