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How Comeet is revolutionizing the ATS with its new AI Assistant

1 year ago

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We know, we know. It seems like everywhere you turn, conversations (and questions) around Chat GPT and AI are emerging, especially around AI within Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Will it replace human jobs? Will it change industries forever? Where does recruiting fit in with AI?

At Comeet, we’re inspired by the possibilities that tools like GPT present. Large language models are designed to quickly answer human queries and present a future full of possibilities… especially for recruitment.

Here’s what we know and believe at Comeet: recruiting is about people. AI can never change that. But what AI can do is improve today’s recruitment process for companies and candidates alike, without removing the human element.

How will AI help improve your recruiting process?

Implement top recruiting methodologies

AI empowers every person involved in recruitment to implement the top recruiting methodologies at every step of the process. Beyond recruiters, AI can help implement the practices defined by a company’s Talent Acquisition leaders, empowering recruiters, managers, and interviewers to make better hiring decisions.

Hire better

One of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks of recruitment? Screening at the top of the funnel. With the help of AI-powered recruitment tools, application screening more efficient and more inclusive. Comeet’s AI-powered ATS can quickly analyze resumes and surface the best candidates while also reducing bias.

Make workplaces more inclusive

When it comes to recruitment, AI is not just about improving efficiency; it can also help promote inclusivity and fairness. With AI-powered recruitment tools, recruiters and managers can ensure that job descriptions are inclusive and free of bias, making it easier to attract a diverse candidate pool. AI can also ensure that candidate applications get the appropriate attention based on the qualification criteria and job’s requirements, reducing the risk of overlooking highly qualified candidates.

Strengthen employer brand

A strong employer brand helps attract talent. AI can help recruiters create compelling and personalized messaging that accurately reflects your organization’s brands, values, and culture. It can help you do this quickly and consistently, while maintaining a brand voice that is consistent and distinct.

Improve the candidate experience

Great communication and transparency with candidates lead to an overall more positive candidate experience. But personalization for each and every candidate eats up valuable time. This is where AI can be a game-changer. With a simple input of information, AI can quickly generate personalized responses all while incorporating proven recruiting methodologies.

Save time without removing the human element

Recruiters are people’s people. AI-powered tools can automate manual tasks (resume screening, scheduling, email writing, etc.), allowing recruiters to focus more of their time and energy on building relationships with candidates and hiring managers. While AI can never fully replace the human element of recruiting, it can streamline the many manual tasks of the recruiting process to save time.

Comeet + AI = A powerful recruiting combo

Comeet users can experience our next iteration of AI-powered features (have you seen our AI-powered search and filter functions yet?!), designed to empower recruiters in every step of the hiring process.

The good news: you will always be in control of your recruiting process, and AI Assistant will be there every step of the way— making suggestions based on proven methodologies and saving you time.

Meet: Comeet’s AI Assistant

pre screening questionnaire 1
Comeet AI Assistant suggests screening questions to assess the candidate’s fit. You can select, review, and revise in the next step.

Job Description Assistant

When creating a new position, use Comeet’s AI Assistant to compose a job description in seconds, optimized for inclusivity and diversity. The AI Assistant uses inclusive terminology to appeal to a diverse candidate pool.

Scorecards & Interview Questions

Comeet’s AI Assistant will compose scorecards and interview questions while implementing proven recruiting methodologies, empowering interviewers to find the talent that is qualified to perform for the role.

Pre-Screening Questionnaire

Improve screening decisions at the top of the funnel by capturing relevant details from candidates early in the process. After creating a job description and requirements, the AI Assistant will generate a pre-screening questionnaire with suggested questions. From there, edit the questions to fit your needs (we recommend using up to five questions).

Email Template Suggestions

Choose a tone (Fun and friendly? Formal and direct? You make the call!) and the AI will get to work, crafting a strong email template for your needs. Strengthen your employer brand with communication, transparency, and originality. A distinct employer brand contributes to attracting top talent.


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The future of recruiting is bright

Here at Comeet, making recruiting better is our passion.

We’re thrilled to introduce you to Comeet’s AI Assistant. While this is just the beginning, we believe that AI will transform the hiring process to benefit candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers. The rapid advancement of technology is around us and we will continue to innovate to stay ahead of the curve.

Join our waitlist to to start using the Comeet AI Assistant and experience the power of AI in your recruiting process.


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