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Case Study: Guardicore Drives Hiring Manager Engagement by Moving to Comeet

As the Human Resources VP in a fast-growing startup, it was critical for me to optimize the hiring process. Comeet did that way beyond my expectations, and in a very short time.  From day one, it felt like it was always here.

Ilan Stern
VP, Human Resources

When you’re growing fast, talent acquisition is crucial.  And the first step in succeeding on that front is having the appropriate technology platform.  This post dives into how one company did just that with Comeet.

Guardicore, a fast growing leader in data center and cloud security is no exception.  The company has main offices in Tel Aviv, Boston and San Francisco and has been rated #1 on a list of Best Companies To Work For, 2020 and a Gartner ‘Cool Vendor.’  With a focus on changing the way organizations manage their cyber security, recruiting experts in the field is a top priority.  

Having previously led HR at a fast growing SaaS BI / Big Data startup with 150 global employees, Ilan Stern joined Guardicore to lead its HR team and support its rapid expansion.  With less than 100 employees at the time and plans to grow to several hundred, Ilan knew he needed an applicant tracking system (ATS) to support the entire organization, from HR to its recruiters to its hiring managers across multiple international locations.  At any time, he might have 20-30 open positions (some with multiple jobs), from engineers and software developers to salespeople.

Migrating from Workable to Comeet

Upon joining Guardicore, he quickly realized that its existing recruiting system from Workable was not up to the task.  “Hiring managers refused to use it because it was not flexible enough.  They got lost in it when they tried to use it and actually worked out of the system.”  He found that it was only used by HR, which was solely managing things and moving candidates throughout the process.

This added complexity, time delays and inefficiencies as there was no involvement from hiring managers in any way.  It was imperative to Ilan to find a recruiting platform that was more collaborative and would be attractive to hiring managers.

The Comeet Difference

Ilan and the team at Guardicore evaluated a number of alternatives in the market but was unable to find one that would meet its needs, engage its hiring managers and support its planned growth.  Having received very strong references about Comeet and investigating its collaborative ATS further, Ilan realized that moving to Comeet was the right decision for Guardicore.

The biggest differences and advantages Ilan found with Comeet included:

  • Superior User Experience
  • Hiring Manager Focus
  • Extensive Flexibility

According to Ilan, none of the other systems were even close to what he experienced (“it was amazing!”).  The user experience was far superior to the other systems he evaluated and had used previously.  Comeet stood out in a number of ways.

Guardicore found the usability and overall experience for hiring managers, a key criteria for its new platform, to be significantly better.  The company understood that the key to having a true collaborative recruiting process is to ensure that hiring managers, in addition to the recruiting team, are comfortable on the platform and are fully engaged.  With Comeet’s focus on supporting hiring managers, Guardicore was able to get everyone working together much easier.

Ilan stressed how he had previously always had to mold his recruiting process to the particular ATS he was using because the technology wasn’t flexible.  He found Comeet much more flexible, and for the first time his recruiting system reflected the process he had.  Ilan highlighted how he felt that it was developed by people who really understood recruiting.

“Comeet’s user friendly interface and high level of flexibility made it an instant favorite for the hiring managers and the HR team.  Comeet is the first ATS I worked with that really feels like it was designed by HR people that understand recruitment. I love it. 

Onboarding A More Collaborative ATS

After migrating its recruiting program to Comeet’s ATS, the platform was used for everything Guardicore needed, including referral programs and broad-based job posting.

Company-wide, there are over 50 people using Comeet, including about 30 hiring managers.  The process has become much more collaborative.  Everyone involved in the hiring process, from first screens to interviews to technical evaluations benefit from and share information across the system, easily including their own perspectives throughout the process.

Ilan believes that hiring managers adopted Comeet so quickly and enthusiastically due to its ease-of-use.  The company did a 90-minute group training system and found it only took about 10 minutes to explain things to a new user.  Users found it quite intuitive and could quickly get comfortable and understand the new system.

“For the first time in my 25 year career, hiring managers are coming to me and saying they’re in love with the recruiting system. This is the first time since I started in HR that I’ve experienced this.”

Guardicore is also using the Comeet system in with its retained search firms.  All the search firm’s candidates resumes are moved and uploaded into Comeet improving collaboration with its partners.

Essential Component of the Recruiting Process

Last year, the company doubled its size and Comeet was a big part of it.  How does Ilan see Comeet impacting his organization?

“[It’s] my right hand; I cannot move without it. It is the essential part of our recruitment process.”

Going forward, Ilan is looking to develop and maintain a pipeline of potential candidates for different positions to minimize the searching required.  Basically, he’s looking to use Comeet to help him create a kind of community of potential hires.  This way, he can stay in contact with them and develop long term relationships.  Comeet will become a community management system for him. 

“It was love at first sight.  It is the first time that I’ve ever used emotional language to describe software. It feels like home.”

Are you looking to start your hiring process today? Comeet can help. Check out to our pricing plans learn more about how we can redefine the way you recruit new talent. Or just drop your details below and we'll get back to you promptly.

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