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Recruiting for Startups: 7 Reasons You Should Purchase an ATS for Your Startup

Recruiting for startups is characterized by numerous challenges, including limited access to skilled talent, the absence of a robust hiring process, and tight budgets. Between liaising with investors, managing cash flow, developing your brand, and executing your overall business strategy, sourcing and retaining a pool of highly talented employees to support your vision can be challenging. An ATS for startup teams may even seem out of reach or too soon. 

Nonetheless, having a team of strategically sourced employees is crucial to realizing your company goals. Talented employees tend to be more engaged in their roles, which enhances productivity and ultimately boosts the bottom line. Again, an engaged team translates to improved staff retention, which not only cuts back on staff recruiting and hiring costs but leads to a better customer experience.

To overcome the recruiting challenges and enjoy the immense benefits of retaining a highly talented pool of employees, investing in an applicant tracking system (ATS) becomes essential. Actually, it’s a secret that most successful companies have discovered. According to research, 99% of Fortune 500 companies use an applicant tracking system (ATS).

What’s an Applicant Tracking System?

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a recruiting tool that leverages technology to streamline the recruiting and hiring process. It simplifies the process of sourcing for and tracking candidates, increasing your team’s efficiency. 

For instance, with an ATS, you no longer need to do the individual posting of the same job across various job boards or waste a vast amount of time combing through applications to find the ideal candidates. Instead, it allows you to automate the processes, improve your time-to-hire, and obtain detailed insights about your hiring to optimize the process.

Generally, the ATS gathers and stores the applicants’ information in an organized manner that allows easier identification and screening of the most suitable candidates for the role. It uses algorithms to select candidates who best match the job profile, transforming the recruiting and hiring process into a less complicated and time-consuming one.

That said, here are the top seven reasons you need to purchase an ATS for your business.

  • Saves Time
  • Cuts Cost
  • Improves Hire Quality
  • Streamlines the Hiring Process
  • Improves Candidate Experience
  • Ensures Legal Compliance
  • Provides comprehensive reports

Saves Time

An ATS saves you loads of time as you don’t have to sort through files of resumes manually, looking for the ideal job candidates. Instead, it allows you to quickly sort and identify the right candidates that match your job profile using specific parameters. 

It also features automated email templates that allow personalizing messages to shortlisted candidates. Moreover, the system has real-time communication features that allow easier communication and collaboration between team members. 

In a nutshell, by automating the workflows, you spend less time processing the resumes and tracking the applicants.

Cuts Cost

Investing in an applicant tracking system can lead to tremendous cost savings. Recruiting and hiring is a cost-intensive process – from advertising to recruiter costs or labor costs for in-house shortlisting and screening of candidates, training costs, etc. 

The software optimizes the process, saving on advertising costs by making it easier for companies to get a pool of ideal candidates faster. And with the automated workflows, you can save on recruiter costs or in-house hiring expenses. 

Again, since using an ATS allows you to attract top talent who are likely to be more engaged in their roles, you have better staff retention, which guarantees better productivity outcomes and avoids the losses associated with new hires. 

Improves Hire Quality

ATS optimizes your talent search allowing you to reach and attract the most qualified applicants. Besides, it simplifies the application process for the candidates, encouraging many of them to complete the submission. 

On the other hand, the system automatically singles out the candidates that match the job profile from the unqualified lot, allowing you to interview only those who are closest matches to the job requirements.

Streamlines the Hiring Process

As mentioned earlier, the absence of a robust hiring process is a major challenge among startups. Generally, a successful recruitment process is a task-intensive endeavor that requires detailed planning and extensive collaboration, which many startups might not have the capacity for. 

However, an ATS resolves this by allowing them to oversee the entire process from a single platform. The system provides robust tools that organize and unify various recruiting tasks, enabling you to achieve what you couldn’t without a fully staffed HR department.

Improves Candidate Experience

Candidate experience is crucial in the recruitment process as it influences their decision to apply for the job and consequently accept your offer. An applicant tracking system delivers a more organized and better experience to the candidate journey. 

For instance, it enables convenient and continuous communication with the candidates throughout the recruitment process, significantly enhancing their experience. Another plus of an ATS is that you can create a personalized experience thanks to automated email templates that allow you to send custom communications. 

Ensures Legal Compliance

Automating the recruitment and hiring process minimizes the risk of errors that could lead to compliance issues. 

Provides Comprehensive Reports

All the candidate’s information is stored in a centralized location, allowing easier integration into the employee system once hired. At the same time, the system has analytics features that allow you to track data for continuous improvement. I.e., it provides useful insights you can leverage to optimize the recruitment process.

Create a Robust Hiring Process by Getting an Applicant Tracking System Today

Undoubtedly, an applicant tracking system is an essential tool for startups. It allows them to enjoy the big benefits of a robust hiring process synonymous with many established companies but in a cost-efficient way. From saving time and costs to improving hire quality and enhancing the candidate experience, helping with legal compliance, and providing comprehensive reports, an ATS is what your startup requires to address your staffing needs conveniently.

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