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How to Know When It’s the Right Time to Purchase Recruiting Software for a Small Business

Recruiting software for small business hiring can meet your current and future needs if you are a recruiter for a startup or small business with problems hiring qualified candidates. Finding that perfect candidate or scaling up to meet business demands can be costly with an inefficient recruiting plan. Nearly 6 out of 10 small businesses are paying 50% more for employee labor than before the pandemic. You need to hire quality candidates without a significant investment to make a faster return on investment (ROI). 

Is it time to purchase recruiting software to meet your hiring needs? We will help you determine if you should invest in a recruiting platform to optimize your full life cycle recruiting process.

Your Company Needs to Scale Up Quickly

Many organizations need to scale up quickly. For small business and startup recruiting, your company may not have the resources to quickly hire dozens of staff at one time. Expediting the full cycle recruiting process haphazardly to push through numerous candidates can have unintended consequences, such as bad hires making it through the screening and interview process. Investing in bad hires can result in losses to your organization’s morale, finances, and reputation.

Recruiting scheduling software helps recruiters manage their time and productivity to create a recruitment pipeline for quality candidates. An exceptional applicant tracking software (ATS) platform not only tracks the candidate but can handle everything from sourcing to screening and automates aspects of hiring like sending the offer letter. It allows your company to scale faster without risking bad hires.

You Need Higher-Quality Candidates

It can be challenging to find quality hires for highly-skilled and technical positions. If your external recruiting process is not finding you many quality hires, you may need sourcing assistance from strategic recruiting partners. While outsourcing your hiring can help you explore new candidate pools, it may be cost-prohibitive for small businesses and startups. Recruiting software can help you find quality candidates at a lower cost.

Recruiting software can help you find candidates without paying for an outsourcing company, premium job posting sites, or career-building platforms. The ideal recruiting software for small businesses will source candidates for you and display pre-screened profiles that fit your hiring needs. It can help you avoid searching extensively for a suitable candidate or taking a chance on an under qualified hire. You can find the candidate with the right skills and qualifications faster.

Your Recruitment Process Is Costly and Slow

A slow, inefficient, and costly recruiting process may be due to an ineffective recruiting plan. A long time to hire can result in quality candidates being picked up by more efficient recruiters, meaning you need to invest in new candidates and pools to replace lost candidates. If your recruiting process can improve, a recruiting platform for small business needs can help.

Recruiting software can make your processes more efficient and automate certain aspects of hiring if you are the only full cycle recruiter at your organization. A recruiting platform improves communication and streamlines the hiring process if your team has bottlenecks. It can also reduce expenses by reducing investment in candidate sourcing and providing a faster and more substantial return on investment.

Find Recruiting Software for Small Businesses That Meets Your Current and Future Needs

When you purchase recruiting software for small business hiring to boost your recruiting capabilities and reduce the costs of hiring, choose a platform designed for recruiters. Comeet offers automated sourcing capabilities that reduce expenses on job posting sites and career-building platforms. It can find qualified candidates and build a profile that streamlines screening and improves productivity. It can also track the applicant from start to finish for better consistency and communication, ensuring you collect the proper onboarding documents and send the offer letter. Schedule a demo with Comeet today.


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