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Design and Architecture Job Descriptions

The job descriptions for these design and architecture roles are for highly skilled and creative professionals focused on designing and building.  For example, architectural jobs are for those who can design, plan and oversee building projects for new buildings, extensions, restorations and alterations.  Similarly, interior designers work with architects and construction works to build functional and well designed interiors while ensuring proper compliance with appropriate building codes and regulations.

Success in these types of jobs requires both a technical and quantitative aptitude along with a strong design aesthetic.  Often, there are specific job requirements such as advanced degrees and certifications, as well as proficiency in certain tools like computer-aided design (CAD).  Be sure to specify the particular levels of experience and education you need for your particular position as these roles can vary in job responsibilities by organization.  Don’t forget to highlight the type of projects most likely to be part of the applicants future work.

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