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Machine Operator Job Description Template

What Does a Machine Operator Do?

Machine operators control heavy machinery to perform vital functions in the firm’s production process. They use a variety of machines to perform tasks including welding, assembly, plating, molding, and painting. Their performance has a direct impact on the quality of a company’s products.

Machine Operator Job Overview

In the machine operator role, you will be responsible for the installation, operation, and maintenance of the firm’s heavy machinery. You will also work to solve problems that arise in the manufacturing process. Success in this role will be demonstrated by your ability to minimize risks and machine downtime while operating machines within specific parameters.

Machine Operator Job Responsibilities and Duties

  • Operates tools and equipment to aid in the manufacturing process
  • Assumes responsibility for any incidents that may occur during the operation of the firm’s machinery
  • Maintains cleanliness throughout the facility
  • Adheres to company safety rules
  • Samples outputs to ensure defects are kept to a minimum
  • Performs routine checks on all equipment and immediately reports any possible malfunctions or defects

Machine Operator Job Requirements

  • Minimum of 2 years of experience operating heavy machinery
  • Basic arithmetic and computer knowledge is required
  • Proficient with mechanical tools
  • Physically capable of lifting heavy equipment
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • High school diploma; additional certification is a plus

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