5 Ways an ATS Improves Your External Recruiting Process

Hiring staff involves much more than just having a job opening and sourcing for suitable candidates to fill specific roles. While that’s what primarily lies at the core of every recruitment process, many...

How You Can Source Candidates Affected by Layoffs With External Recruiting

According to Statista, tech startups in the food sector have laid off close to 11,000 employees this year. Earlier this year, employers announced they would lay off 159,021 workers. While it is unfortunate for...

Should You Leverage External Recruiting During an Economic Downturn?

As the U.S. economy continues to experience slowdowns in activity, businesses struggle to decide whether to keep their promotions in-house or leverage external recruiting to get the talent they seek. An...

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The Full Cycle Recruiting Process: Hiring

Talent is a valuable resource in any organization, and your success in acquiring a skilled workforce can have a significant impact on whether your company will accomplish its goals. One way to attract high-quality hires...

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