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Consulting and Strategy Job Descriptions

Consulting and strategy roles cover what may traditionally be thought of as this category such as business consultants but also cover other niche roles like travel consultants and image consultants. Most types of business consultants use their developed industry expertise to advise their clients on implementing strategies and execution.  These types of consultants often work closely with senior management teams to review, revise and restructure a company’s operations and product offerings.  Specialty types of consultants can do everything from improving or overhauling a client’s personal or professional image to assisting with travel options.

Business and strategy consultants almost always require very high analytical, presentation and quantitative skills, and in some cases, particular industry experience.  For some consultants, particularly business consultants, significant educational credentials are typically required.  Many consulting roles involve substantial travel so if that’s the case for your role, that’s certainly something to specify.  If your company provides expertise in a particular sector, highlight that to attract the most qualified candidates to your company.

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