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Industrial Electrician Job Description Template

What Does an Industrial Electrician Do?

Industrial electricians are technical professionals who install, repair, and maintain electrical equipment. They ensure safety by observing the local, state, and national electrical-code regulations that pertain to their work. They may work in plants, different job sites, and directly with clients.

Industrial Electrician Job Overview

In the industrial electrician role, you will ensure the continued functioning of electrical equipment by its proper installation, maintenance, and repair. You must be able to understand technical documents, such as schematics, that detail job instructions. You must also adhere to the statutory codes that apply to your work. Success in this role will be demonstrated by the continued successful completion of assigned tasks with minimized equipment downtime.

Industrial Electrician Job Responsibilities and Duties

  • Installs, repairs, and maintains the electrical parts of industrial equipment
  • Works individually or as part of a team to successfully complete projects
  • Follows safety procedures and adheres to electrical codes
  • Correctly interprets technical documents for proper execution of assignments
  • Conducts quality assurance measures and inspections

Industrial Electrician Job Requirements

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Associate’s degree in a related field is required for some positions
  • Certificate of completion in an apprenticeship program, or journeyman experience
  • Knowledgeable in pertinent electrical codes and regulations
  • Able to understand schematics and other technical documents
  • Must be able to handle physically-demanding tasks


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