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Legal Job Descriptions

There are a number of legal related positions across both the public and private sector.  In serving the community, police officers and public safety officers are charged with enforcing the law and upholding public safety.  In addition to specific educational requirements, relevant knowledge and training, there are typically physical demands to the job and related physical requirements.  Individuals need to be able to maintain a calm attitude and make appropriate decisions in stressful situations.  For certain roles, specific experience, in criminal investigations for example, may be necessary.

Other legal roles are more focused around criminal or civil proceedings.  Legal counsel, criminologists, paralegals and compliance officers all focus on different aspects of the legal sector.  Such positions may require licenses, certifications and/or deep educational requirements like law school as well as knowledge in criminal codes, government regulations, business law, etc.  When crafting a job description for your role, start with the template below most similar and customize accordingly.  Include any specific requirements like degrees or physical tests.  The environment for legal roles can vary widely, from government and public institutions to large corporations to small firms.  Highlight what your work environment is like and what’s most appealing about, typical work schedules, and the level of engagement with clients, the public or co-workers to attract those most likely interested in the position.

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