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Real Estate and Property Job Descriptions

In the real estate sector, positions can range from property managers, that handle the operations of commercial and/or residential properties, manage tenants, maintain living conditions and often serve as a point person for a landlord, to real estate or leasing agents that are typically more focused on the sales side of the table, working with prospective owners or renters for the sale or rent of different types of properties.

For all these roles, candidates should exhibit strong communication, quantitative, customer service and negotiating skills.  When crafting your job description, be clear whether you’re working with residential, commercial or office buildings, as the regulations, requirements and best practices in either managing or selling/leasing them can prove quite different.  It’s also important to understand what specific licenses, certifications and other specific skills may be necessary.  For example, does your property manager need to be able to take care of certain maintenance issues, and what level of contract drafting and pricing expertise do your real estate or leasing agents need to have.  Be clear about what the expectations are for your particular role when refining your job description to attract the most appropriate candidates.

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