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Sports and Recreation Job Descriptions

Within the ‘active’ personal services sector, there are a variety of sports and recreation jobs for individuals who want to work closely with people in this space.  Personal trainers and athletic trainers work with clients from assessing their current physical condition and performance abilities to developing plans to help them achieve their fitness, health and sports goals.  Dance instructors assist students in improving their ability and enjoyment of dance.  Camp counselors organize and manage camp activities and work closely with campers during day or overnight sessions.

When targeting potential candidates for your positions, be clear whether you’re seeking someone to deliver one-on-one, personal sessions or group, classroom sessions.  Also consider the age of your students as some candidates may have preference for teaching adults while others may prefer and have experience with younger students.  You’ll likely want to target those with a background in sports training and health, fitness, nutrition as well as demonstrable communication, interpersonal, teamwork and leadership skills.  Don’t forget to include any particular certifications that may be required for your positions and include what type of work schedule you anticipate for the role.

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