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Sushi Chef Job Description Template

What Does a Sushi Chef Do?

Sushi chefs specialize in creating sushi dishes in Japanese restaurants. They make bite-size hand-pressed rolls of vinegared rice topped with seafood or stuffed with fish, vegetables, fruits, eggs, or seaweed. They ensure all ingredients are fresh and observe traditional Japanese sushi-making standards.

Sushi Chef Job Overview

In the sushi chef role, you will be responsible for preparing different types of sushi such as nigiri and maki rolls. You will also manage the ingredients handling and preparation. It is crucial that you maintain a deep understanding of which ingredients taste well together. Success in this role will be demonstrated by serving specialty sushi dishes to provide a rich and distinct Asian dining experience to attract more customers and increase sales. 

Sushi Chef Job Responsibilities and Duties

  • Prepares raw fish in an appropriate manner
  • Slices ingredients into perfect strips
  • Makes sushi rice with perfect form and consistency
  • Manages storage of fruits, vegetables, and meat such as crab, eel, salmon, and tuna
  • Monitors inventory of supplies
  • Handles restocking of ingredients
  • Ensures adherence to highest quality food preparation and hygiene standards

Sushi Chef Job Requirements

  • Minimum 2 years of culinary experience
  • Certification from American Culinary Federation desired
  • In-depth knowledge of food safety requirements for restaurants
  • Able to stand for extended hours
  • Excellent communication and time-management skills
  • Bachelor’s degree in Culinary Arts or certification from a culinary school


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