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A New Approach to Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO): Meet Comeet Elastic Recruiting

In these uncertain times, companies worldwide are grappling with addressing unpredictable employment needs. More than ever, companies must be flexible to keep up in today’s rapidly changing market. But traditional hiring methods haven’t adapted quickly enough. 

Here at Comeet, we’ve recognized an increased need for a more flexible, dynamic approach to hiring.

Our solution: Comeet Elastic Recruiting, a concierge recruiting service powered by AI and driven by talent experts. It’s built to become an extension of your team — one that can scale up and scale down anytime. 

This service is built for you if you: 

  • Are doing your own hiring and don’t have a talent acquisition team/lead
  • Have a team of talent acquisition experts, but they’re flooded with tasks
  • Are working with agencies or outsourcing recruiting to an RPO

Read on to learn how Elastic Recruiting can help your business (or schedule a call here) and how it differs from traditional RPOs. 

Flexible Hiring with Comeet Elastic Recruiting’s Services

Elastic Recruiting is designed to support your unique and shifting hiring needs. To do so, it combines Comeet’s hiring technology with a scalable recruiting team that serves as an extension of a company’s in-house team. 

Together, they assume the entire hiring process, from recruitment to final offer and for all types of roles. 

A Scalable Recruiting Team

Elastic Recruiting connects you with a designated talent acquisition strategist who, in turn, works with a team of experts behind-the-scenes to support your goals. Essentially, you can tap into a team of recruiting experts while feeling like you have an inhouse strategist working closely alongside you. 

Your strategist will work with your company and our team of experts to fill all of the roles in your candidate life cycle:

  • Sourcer: Identifies, contacts and engages a pool of candidates
  • Screener: Runs online and phone screening on behalf of the employer
  • Scheduler: Automates scheduling and built-in video interviews
  • Interviewer: Provides unbiased third-party assessments

Award-Winning Hiring Technology

This service is so successful because it’s built on Comeet’s platform. On one side, the platform provides transparency and automation, on the other side it holds everyone accountable and keeps them up-to-date. It’s this technology that makes the (human-led) process much more precise and effective. 

As such, companies can leverage the services from their Elastic Recruiting team within the Comeet platform. Each company can gain greater transparency into the funnel to understand the effectiveness of their hiring efforts. And each company can do so with a tool that seamlessly unites the recruiter, hiring manager, and candidate.

Want to learn more about what an ATS is? Our free guide outlines what to look for in an ATS, or Applicant Tracking System. And our team is available to walk through any questions you may have on the Comeet technology. 

How Elastic Recruiting Compares to RPOs

In a nutshell, RPOs provide recruitment process outsourcing. Elastic Recruiting provides a hiring team that’s an extension of your own, powered by Comeet’s award-winning hiring technology. 

Here’s how Elastic Recruiting compares to traditional Recruiting Process Outsourcing. 

Real-Time Transparency

Elastic Recruiting: Full visibility into the hiring funnel with Comeet’s technology. See exactly who is sourced, read interview feedback, and understand decision reasoning.

RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing): Limited transparency into the hiring process.

Best Practices & Content

Elastic Recruiting: Our experts provide resources tailored to your hiring needs: customized workflows, integrated assessment tests, pre-screen questionnaires and scorecards. 

RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing): No tools and education provided.

Collaboration & Control

Elastic Recruiting: Increase collaboration between hiring managers, recruiters and interviewers through a single platform. Hiring managers have full control over the process, its steps, and its roles. 

RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing): No platform provided.

Owning Your Data

Elastic Recruiting: Have full access to all past candidates, content, and tools generated during the recruiting process, so you can use it in future searches

RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing): Very limited data is shared that isn’t usable in future searches.

Candidate Experience

Elastic Recruiting: Provide an exceptional experience to candidates interviewing with you, monitor and improve their experience over time.

RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing): Limited visibility into candidate experience, no control or ability to improve.

We’re here to help ensure your business’s hiring process stays agile and impactful, whatever the landscape. Let’s chat about how Elastic Recruiting can help your business.

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