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Supervisor Job Description Template

What Does a Supervisor Do?

Supervisors primarily deal with managing and overseeing employees to ensure that they are given appropriate tasks and assignments. Supervisors manage when and how each task is performed. They also direct and oversee the output quality of their teams.

Supervisor Job Overview

In the supervisor role, you will be responsible for handling the team’s tasks and assignments and making sure employees are appropriately performing assigned tasks. A key element of this role is to oversee the efficient, effective performance of job duties. Success in this role is measured by keeping output quality and costs within acceptable levels.

Supervisor Job Responsibilities and Duties

  • Plans employee shifts and work schedules
  • Coordinates job assignments and cross-training between and within divisions
  • Provides feedback on employee work performance
  • Prepares reports and updates for upper management
  • Organizes events that will make a positive impact on employees
  • Supervises processes and ensure smooth operations

Supervisor Job Requirements

  • 5+ years of proven experience
  • Experience in previous leadership roles
  • Exceptional verbal communication skills
  • Remarkable time management skills
  • Excellent writing and literacy skills
  • Detail-oriented and introspective
  • Optimistic in high-stress environments
  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent required


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