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Webmaster Job Description Template

What Does a Webmaster Do?

Webmasters manage the digital infrastructure and internet footprint of an organization or client list through web development processes. They coordinate with marketing and technology teams, designers, and programmers to ensure data accuracy and the functionality of websites, pages, and other online platforms.

Webmaster Job Overview

In the webmaster role, you will handle all website needs, such as troubleshooting technical errors, maintaining relevant content, and deploying visually appealing web designs. You are expected to adhere to the company’s style guide for effective virtual representation of the organization. Success in this role will be demonstrated by leading the development and implementation of strategic website structures and improvements to enhance internet traffic and customer engagement.

Webmaster Job Responsibilities and Duties

  • Manages website updates and integration with databases and servers
  • Utilizes SEO tools and implements organic search best practices
  • Ensures compliance with ADA and privacy laws
  • Administers website security and data protection
  • Conducts web traffic analyses and evaluates website performance
  • Defines content submission protocols
  • Optimizes user experience as needed

Webmaster Job Requirements

  • Minimum 2 years of front-end website development and hosting experience
  • Proven track record of handling successful projects
  • Fluency in PHP, Javascript, HTML, XML, and other programming languages
  • Proficient in SEO tools, google analytics, and related software
  • Proficient in webmaster tools such as tag manager and google analytics
  • Deep knowledge in metadata, robots.txt, and speed optimization
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Creative, innovative, and maintains a positive work attitude
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or related field


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Adrienne Smith

Adrienne Smith

Adrienne Smith is a content strategy consultant working with high-growth businesses on their brand messaging, content strategy, and content creation. A digital nomad, she's exploring the world's cultures and cuisines as she works.

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