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Keyholder Job Description Template

What Does a Keyholder Do?

Keyholders are store managers or security officers responsible for opening stores in the morning and locking them at the close of business. They may be on-call in case of incidents during non-operation hours. “Keyholder” is not a job title, but a function performed by various employees.

Keyholder Job Overview

As a keyholder, you’ll be trusted and relied upon to unlock and open the store at the start of every shift and/or lock it up at the close of business each day. In the event of an emergency during closed hours—for example, a power outage or plumbing leak—you may be called on to open doors and admit professionals like electricians or plumbers. Success in this role will be demonstrated by providing 24/7 access to the facility in times of need, without interruption.

Keyholder Job Responsibilities and Duties

  • Opens and closes the store
  • Prepares necessities
  • Cleans the store
  • Ensures the alarm and security systems are working
  • Assists cashiers
  • Communicates with customers in person, by phone, or by email
  • Reports problems to management

Keyholder Job Requirements

  • Prior experience in a similar line of work
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Willing to work long office hours
  • Punctual and responsible
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Pays attention to detail
  • Reliable and trustworthy


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