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Advertising, Arts & Media Job Descriptions

The people you’re hiring for Advertising jobs may be some of the most creative people you target to join your firm.  Advertising roles can have job titles ranging from art directors and creative directors to photographers, video editors, and production artists.  Marketing, social media, SEO, public relations, advertising support and editing are also related roles in the category.  A focus on artistic, visual, written, organizational and operational talents are typically important in these types of positions.

It’s important in targeting creative jobs like this to make the job description particularly enticing.  It’s one of the first introductions to your company that an applicant will see, so you want to make sure that you exude a sense of creativity and highlight what’s compelling about your workplace.  Use one of the job templates below but be sure to add your ‘special sauce’ to differentiate both your organization and the role.  Use the basic requirements for the particular position but show you value creativity yourself in how you position the type of person what you’re looking for.

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