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Executive Job Descriptions

The senior leadership roles of your organization are clearly some of the most important ones you have.  Bringing on the wrong people to the C-suite can have serious and long-lasting impact as mistaken strategies and initiatives need to be unrolled and resources redirected.  Whether bringing on a replacement CEO, CFO, COO or other senior executive or adding such a professional to the company for the first time, remember that it’s not only the skill set but the fit with your company’s culture and values is crucial.

At the top levels of a company, there needs to be a requisite level of relevant experience, education and functional expertise.  When crafting a job description, it’s important for the hiring team to be in agreement as to what specific skills as necessary to perform the role and to how this new executive will work with the rest of the organization. Working well under pressure and with incomplete information as well demonstrating strong team building skills is important, whether hiring for management at the top levels of the company or for executive roles beyond the C-suite.  In addition to using these job description templates, factor in a process that asks for references, presentation skills and proven results are also key elements to identify when reviewing candidates for senior roles within your organization.

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