Call Center and Customer Service Job Descriptions

The types of people best suited for call center and customer service positions typically have a very strong people-centric, customer-focus attitude.  From call center reps and telemarketers to customer success managers and customer support managers, they’re dealing with people all day so need to be friendly, personable and outgoing.  For a lot of these types of positions, they’re likely to be on the phone continually, often dealing with customer issues or customer complaints. So they need to have a positive attitude, demonstrated problem solving skills, strong communication skills in order to deliver the utmost customer service and improve customer satisfaction.

While all these roles involve significant exposure and constant interaction with customers or potential customers, a big difference is those that are more sales oriented and those that are most customer oriented.  When crafting a job description, make sure you’re clear in what’s most important for the particular position.  Those focused on closing sales need a different skill set than those responding to existing customer problems.  While a personable approach is important to all of these types of roles, be sure to clarify what the day-to-day responsibilities and job duties are so you’re attracting the right people for the particular organizational need you’re looking to fill.

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