Less admin means
faster time-to-hire

"As a product, Comeet is awesome. It provides transparency, it provides efficiency and it helps you scale."
Ithamar Sorek
Chief Revenue Officer
Automate Recruiting

Workflows for super-efficient recruiting

Our flexible workflows are smart, self-updating foundations of recruiting efficiency. They guide your entire hiring process, continually advancing each requisition. Define workflows when creating a new position, then enjoy a fast, streamlined experience as your hiring team identifies the best candidates.

  • Customizable by position or individual candidate
  • Can run both serial and parallel steps
  • Self-updating based on configuration, evaluations and status changes
  • Auto-steps make company policy enforcement easy


Smart integrations will keep you organized

Google Calendar and Outlook365 integrations make scheduling almost too simple. When scheduling, rescheduling or canceling interviews, interviewers and candidates are automatically notified and room reservations synced. When candidates need to reschedule, it’s equally simple for coordinators to keep on top of the details.

task automation

So you can focus on higher-value stuff

Automating everything that should be automated is good for recruiting teams (and the planet!) so we applied a heavy dose of automation wizardry. Dozens of smart automated features save time for everyone:

  • Reactive workflows
  • Communication with candidates and sources
  • Automated steps to send notifications, advance candidates and schedule interviews
  • Policy enforcement: Ensure everyone’s doing the right thing
  • Integrated calendaring
  • Automate postings to job boards
  • Integrations with recruiting tools, HRIS, video and assessment tools
"Comeet automates so many manual tasks such as contacting candidates, and scheduling interviews that I can do a lot more. This is very important because I run all HR for my company."
Adi Stern
HR Manager
Comeet Offer Letters
offer letters

Close the deal with streamlined approvals and e-signing

When you automate recruiting, you accelerate the process, so when you’re ready to land your first-choice candidate you’ll have to move fast when the time comes:

  • Offer letters generated automatically using your predefined templates
  • Streamline your internal approval process
  • Send letters to candidates for e-signing
  • All document changes and signing events captured in audit trail

Friends with your entire recruiting stack

We get along with all of the other technologies and services such as Zoom for video interviews that you probably use to source, test, vet and on-board candidates. We’re fluent in APIs and connectivity.

"Automation helps us send emails and interview reminders. There are too many things to list."
Neri Peled
Senior HR Director